Friday, August 17, 2007

My "Must Have" Item

Avon Dew Kiss Lip Dew.

AKA Lip Dew.

I'd be lost without it.

I've been addicted to it for decades now.
Anyone who knows me knows that I go nowhere without it. I have it stashed throughout the house. It must always, and I do mean always, be within steps of wherever I am.

Of course I keep one in my purse. I have one in my nightstand. There is one in the drawer of the round table next to the recliner in our bedroom. There's also one in the vanity of our bathroom. I have two of them in different endtables in the living room. I have one right next to the computer in the den. I have one in my desk drawer at work. There is at least one in my school bag. There is also one in the cosmetic case that is always packed and ready to go for whenever we go on a trip.

I've wanted to keep one in the car, but because it gets so hot in the summer inside the car, it will melt and make a huge mess, so I haven't put one there yet.

I've tried other types of lip balm, but none of them are quite like my lip dew. It's the only thing I order from Avon. I order them online now and don't even care about the shipping charge. Just as long as I get my Lip Dews, I'll pay the shipping.

I order them 10 at a time.

Don't make me go without my lip wouldn't be pretty.