Sunday, August 26, 2007

Thank You!

At school we have three BIG committees, and each of us is on one. Each committee has a variety of responsibilities, and one of the responsibilities for one of the committees (I'll call it Kelly's committee since she is the one who is taking charge of this project) is staff "stuff." Since school began last Monday, it has been announced that we had ONE WEEK to bring in a baby picture of ourselves and turn it in to her. Yes, we will get the picture back. It's due by TOMORROW.

Procrastinator that I am, this morning, I finally went looking for the picture. At our old house I would have known exactly where to go. Top drawer of my nightstand in a little small photo album that I snitched from somewhere YEARS ago. Sounds like a good place to start, doesn't it? So I went there...and couldn't see it anywhere. Okay, it had to be in there SOMEWHERE.

I took the drawer out and put it on the bed. I started looking all through the drawer and eventually took everything out of the drawer and.....CLEANED IT OUT! Unfortunately the album wasn't in there though. HOWEVER, I had cleaned out a drawer in my nightstand, hallelujah!

After I put that drawer away, I pulled out the second drawer and laid it on the bed and did the same thing. There was stuff in there that didn't belong in there, so I put that stuff where it belonged. Heck the drawer is only about a third full now...because I CLEANED IT OUT TOO! But still, no photo album.

Okay, let's try the THIRD drawer, sigh. I've only been in that drawer twice in the last year and a half, so I knew it wasn't messy, and didn't pull it all the way out. I did, however, move a couple of things and YES!!!!! saw the photo album!

As I looked through it, it made me smile. I was cute when I was a baby, hahaha....and I had a LOT of dark hair. Even my younger brother was cute as a newborn. Two of my cousins were in there too, and although they were cute, they weren't as cute as I was! Because my cousins were in there, I'm wondering if my Grandma had given me the photo album at some point in time.

Anyway, I have a picture and I want to thank KELLY and her committee for the OPPORTUNITY to clean out my nightstand drawers! What a feeling of accomplishment!

Now I'm just anxious to see what they'll do with the will probably be one of those things where you match up a baby picture with an adult picture. Guess we'll find out soon!