Monday, August 13, 2007

Lunch Date

Ted and I went out to lunch today...but it wasn't just the two of us!

A while ago I mentioned that I had been able to re-connect with a friend I met at Buckeye Girls State back in 1975. It was an unfortunate and sad tragedy that actually made the reconnection possible...her oldest daughter is a student at Virginia Tech, where the horrific massacre took place this past spring. A reporter from our local newspaper knows Terre, and that her daughter goes to school at VT, so he contacted Terre for a story. I spent a couple days, in my free time, trying to track her down with the information that I got from the article, and was successful!

A couple of weeks ago she sent me an email saying that she would be coming to Ohio for a "whirlwind trip" (her term, not mine, and it was DEFINITELY whirlwind!) and was hoping we could get together for lunch.

Today was the day!

Terre came, and brought her oldest daughter Alexa (the VT student), her youngest son Trevyn, and Alexa's boyfriend, Aaron. Ted and I met them all at a near-by Amish type restaurant for lunch.

We had a GREAT time and it was as though all those years in between our time at Girls State and now just melted away! It was so nice catching up on things and meeting some of Terre's family.

Terre brought something for me too...through another girl that went to Girls State, she got a copy of the "city" photo they took of us and made a copy for me. It was amazing to me that I remembered so much about so many different people. After we got home, I went through it person by person and recalled a lot about many of the girls. The very first thing I noticed was that we were all in dresses! Not only did we not wear jeans, but no one wore pants! And we looked SOOOOOOOOOO young!!

We had a great time today and I'm so glad that Terre and I were able to get back in contact with each other. Yes, it's unfortunate that a massacre had to occur to bring us back in touch, but thankfully Alexa and her boyfriend Aaron, were not injured.

And yes, she said I could put her picture here!