Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What a Kid!

The other evening Ted and I went out to our local Chinese restaurant for dinner. They always have flavored ice cream, but that night's flavor was blueberry, and we're NOT blueberry lovers. We decided to go to the park for ice cream...which means...

seeing the "boy" at work! We have NEVER in three summers of his working there, visited him at work. We really weren't sure of the kind of reaction that we would receive, but it was great. He didn't go off and hide. He didn't get all goofy and embarrassed. He just grinned and started talking to us. It was so cool to have your teenage son acknowledge you IN PUBLIC!

It was pretty obvious that the women (not the teenage girls) that work there just love him. One of them asked him if we were his parents, and then said that he should introduce us to her. He simply said, "Parents....Boss. Boss....Parents." Then we all laughed. She said that he invited her to our house to use the pool, but then wouldn't tell her where we lived. It just so happened that that day he didn't have time to eat lunch at school (locker issue during his 25 minute lunch period) and the ladies that work the grill at the park fixed him up. They made him a steak sandwich and he had some other stuff too.

It was nice to see him interacting with his co-workers, and we were thrilled that he didn't seem embarrassed to have his parents visiting him at work.

What a kid!