Wednesday, August 8, 2007

You Can Never Have Too Many...

When Ted and I first started dating, I knew he enjoyed playing bass guitar. In fact, he was actually in a band for a while. Although they didn't play that many "gigs" they loved to practice. If you were to ask him about those few years of playing, he would get embarrassed and not want to talk about it, but I enjoyed it.

After we got married, he would occasionally take out his bass and play a little, just for fun. At our old house, he had a section of the basement for his guitar and amp, and eventually adorned the area even more with a variety of tools. That's what happens when you become a home owner! The table saw, drills, clamps, router, etc. all took over the space.

And then...somehow he rediscovered the bass. After playing it continually for several months, he mentioned that he might like to get a regular guitar. Okay, no big deal, get a guitar.

Little did I know what was really happening. He bought a guitar. Apparently there's a big difference between a guitar and a bass. I didn't realize that, but that's the case. After getting this guitar, he discovered that you can get guitar tabs on the internet. For those of you who are not guitar savvy, a tab is almost like written music, showing which chords are played when. They usually have the lyrics to the songs written also. Some tabs just have the lyrics and the chords written over the words.

What I enjoyed about this was that once in a great while, Ted would play and I would get to sing along. Usually whenever I sing around the house, they all tell me to be quiet, but on rare occasions I would actually be encouraged to sing, hahaha!

After a few months of really practicing the various chords and playing the tabs he had printed, he told me that different guitars had different sounds. Yeah, right. Sounded like a set-up to me. And then he told me that he was thinking about getting another guitar...a different type. That's when I first became familiar with the terms "whammy bar" and "pick-ups" and "humbuckers" and other things that I can't remember. Different guitars have different tones and different "things."

Yeah, whatever.

Next thing I knew, he came home one day and told me that he had been at the local music shop and played a terrific guitar that he just had to have. Okay, here we go...

Over the next few years, several guitars entered our family. At one time we had at least one guitar on every floor.

Ted's mantra....You can never have too many guitars.

In fact, when we were designing our new home, we actually put in....Ted's Guitar Room. And that's what we call it...the Guitar Room. There are more than guitars in it, however. He has a couple of amps in there, along with some other music paraphernalia. This is also where he works on his models and has some furniture in there along with a television. When I suggested some kind of an intercom system, he just laughed in my face. When he goes down there, nothing will interrupt him and he will only come out when he is good and ready.

Oh no...Alex is following in his footsteps and has just recently purchased a bass.


Kelly said...

Like father, like son!