Saturday, August 18, 2007

One of My Many Issues

I'm a procrastinator.

There. I've said it. And it's SO true.

I think my worst problem with this issue is sending out cards on time. It's nothing for someone to get a card from us for a birthday, anniversary, or some other important thing a month after the fact. And that's totally my fault. I'm taking ownership of the problem. (Can you tell I watched "Dr. Phil" a few times this summer?)

Believe me, it's not that I don't think about the person or care about them. It's not that at all. I just keep putting it off. And off. And off. Heck, I usually even have the cards right here at home, and some are even addressed and stamped and all ready to go. But that final step of actually mailing them seems to elude me.

We have some very good friends (with three children) and during the summer they have 2 birthdays and an anniversary. I was SO proud of myself when I sent the first birthday card so it would arrive on time! Their anniversary came and I think I actually mailed the card ON their anniversary, so they would have gotten it a day late. The next birthday was 4 weeks ago. Okay, so I'm hanging my head in shame here...the card is on a table in our bedroom and hasn't been mailed yet. Sigh.

It's not that I don't care...I really do. I'm just a procrastinator. I've tried everything. I've gotten cards months in advance, gotten them ready to go, and where the stamp goes, I've lightly penciled the date that I have to send the card, planning to put the stamp on and send it on that date. The date comes....and goes...and no card has been sent. I've even got a box with all kinds of cards in it, for every possible occasion, so that I'm ready for anything. I have stamps. I have return address labels. I have pens. What's the problem???

Okay, time to go on to another area where I procrastinate. Summer. I had a few things I planned on doing this summer. Just a few...I was being realistic here. One thing was to clean out one of the closets in the den. Another was to clean out the closet in the living room, and then the "stuff" closet in our bedroom. I also wanted to organize my recipes a little better and read the foot and a half stack of magazines that I have accumulated.

Well, in the past two weeks (like how I wait until the last minute here?) I have taken care of the closets...with help from Ted. I haven't done anything with the recipes. And I think I read about an inch worth of magazines.

Yep, I'm a procrastinator through and through.

In two weeks Ted and Alex are going on a Labor Day weekend jaunt to Gettysburg, PA. They've done this a couple of times before and they have a wonderful time. Joey is always invited, but prefers not to go. I'm not even invited anymore. I've been to Gettysburg twice in my life and both times there were car problems, so I don't even want to go again. It's okay...I'm perfectly content to stay home.

My plan is to clean out my bedroom closet and organize my clothes, and to clean our bedroom really well. That's the plan, anyway.

Unless it's really hot, then I'll go swimming all weekend.

Or I might actually start to watch my Miami Vice DVDs. Or my Dallas DVDs. Or my Grey's Anatomy DVDs.

Or maybe not.


susan said...

Oh my - I could have written this post! Right down to the organizer with folders for greeting cards for each month - all ready to go for everyone I care about's birthdays and anniversaries. And there they sit and I think, "Why do you do this?!", "What is wrong with me that I can't get a card in the mail?!". Do you think there is twelve step program for us?