Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Well, it's Just About Over

Summer break.

As of next Monday morning, it will be over.

Let's see....what have I done all summer?

Read a few good books? Check

Spent time in the pool? Check

Stayed up late? Check

Slept in? Check

Spent WAY too much time on Facebook? Double Check

Cooked dinner every night? Um....not EVERY night, but most some nights

Thoroughly cleaned the house once a week? I thought about it. Does that count?

Organized all the photographs around the house and categorized them by when they were taken? I'm about 5% finished

Worked on all the school things I brought home for the summer? Hmmm...where did I put that stuff?

Sorted through all the Christmas decorations and got rid of the things we don't use? Are you kidding?

Had a great time when a group of teachers and our coordinator came over for lunch yesterday? Check

This is only some of the food that everyone brought to share. Everything was SOOOOOOOO good!

Our wonderful coordinator, lovingly referred to as King Richard. Check out those baby blue eyes! (Yes ladies, he's single, and quite a catch!)

Diane and Ashlee are discussing the future of education in Ohio...or was it the latest Kohl's ad they were talking about?

Jill is quietly wondering to herself, "when can I get out of here and get back home to my wonderful husband?" (Jill's still a newlywed!)

Shannon is shooting Diane a look because Diane asked me if I was taking yet ANOTHER picture! (Shannon's good at giving looks. Her 5 year old daughter has taught her well.)

Ashlee will probably never forgive me, as I took a photo of her back. But hey, I was just trying to share an example of wonderful posture! (King Richard looks happy, as usual. I think he was talking about his dog or some other exciting subject.)

Jill, Staci, and Lexy, hanging onto every word that's being said. It must not all have been good, because Staci is looking a little concerned. Lexy was attempting to look interested, but she just got ENGAGED, so her thoughts may be drifting to wedding plans. (Hey Lexy, do you watch "Say Yes to the Dress?" How about a roadtrip to NYC????)

Staci's feeling a little better, but King Richard is saying, "Are you about done taking pictures Cindi??"

Kris is thinking about the baklava that Shannon brought (it was absolutely DELICIOUS). Kris and I have shared a classroom for the last 15 years!! Fortunately we get along extremely well, and I've learned so much from her. She has the patience of a saint, and the kindest heart.

Shannon is trying to tell King Richard how things are going to work this year, and he's having none of it. He's telling her that she WILL be doing after-school tutoring 3 days a week, ALL YEAR LONG. She's plotting her revenge at this very minute.

I know it's only August, but I hope all of you have had a wonderful summer!