Monday, August 27, 2007


My parents named me "Cynthia" and I've never liked that name. Fortunately they called me "Cindy" and that was acceptable. At the end of my 8th grade year I went through an identity crisis and decided to change it to "Cindi" and filled out forms for the following school year with the new spelling. Well, quite frankly, I got over the identity thing and sort of forgot about it until I went back to school in the fall and saw things that I had filled out using "Cindi."

Okay, it's a done deal then. I'll be "Cindi" from now on.

In looking for the baby picture that I needed for school today, I found a few in a small brag book type album. When I took out the ones that were marked "2 months old" and turned them over, I was surprised. My name was on the back, BUT it was spelled differently.

Not Cindy.

Not Cindi.

Not Cynthia (thank goodness).

But Cyndie.



I like it. I like it a lot. I like it MUCH better than Cynthia. I like it a lot better than Cindy. And I even like it better than Cindi.

I wish I would have known about this spelling as a child....I would have kept it.

I wonder if it's too late to change the spelling of my name again?

What do you think?


Caro said...

Hey why not if you like it? Loads of us get called different things by different people anyway. My mum is variously known as catherine, cathy and kate.

Melanie said...

I like Cyndie! I say go ahead and use it if you like it that much! Who by the way wrote the Cyndie on the back?? Just curious! I feel the same way about my name.

It's Melanie

not Mel

not Mellie

not Melody

not Melissa

Yes, I really like Cyndie!!