Friday, August 3, 2007


Alex is 16. He has his drivers license. He has a summer job. He works at our local park in the concession stand.

Our local park is extremely nice. We have not only a huge swimming pool, but a kiddie pool, and a diving pool. They are all kept in tip-top condition. We are so fortunate that we also have rides at our park. There is a wooden carousel, several other small rides for the children that just go around in circles and up and down a little, like boats and airplanes. We also have a small roller coaster and a train that goes around the ride section of the park. There is also a small miniature golf course there, along with a ferris wheel, and a swing ride. It really is an ideal family place. The rides usually last about 5 minutes each and they cost 50 cents. The park also has a pavilion that can be rented year round for all types of gatherings, and a very nice teen center funded by a local family.

People from all over the county spend a lot of time there, and we also seem to attract many people from surrounding counties. It's also not uncommon for family reunions to be booked in the park all summer long. We are just very fortunate to have such a wonderful facility.

Before we moved to our new home, we lived a block from the "back door" of the park. That was SO convenient for Alex to walk over there to work. His first year he was in the "catering" division, which meant that he was one of the servers whenever there were events in the pavilion. Occasionally some picnic shelters would be rented by various corporations for their summer picnics and they would hire the park to provide the food. The catering kids would serve at those events also.

Last summer and this summer he is strictly working concessions. How much better can it get? He can see his friends. He's around a bunch of girls in bathing suits. He can get away with wearing his new hat that says "Bikini Patrol". And most importantly of all....

he can bring Laffy Taffy home for his dad and cotton candy home for his mom.

Talk about perks.


Melanie said...

Thanks to Alex, you and Ted have hit the perks jackpot!! Dave and I have the perks at the Daily Grind with Katie working there!!