Saturday, August 25, 2007

College Books

Joey is starting his third year of college on Monday. He bought his books yesterday, mostly used books. He paid almost $500 (of my money) for these books. The sad part is that most of his instructors will rarely use the books.


I can remember my junior year in college and buying books for the spring quarter. It was the first time that I'd ever spent $100 on books. I was beside myself the whole way home for spring break. I tried to tell myself that it was "okay" because after all they were education books and I would be using them for reference once I got a teaching job. Yeah, right.

Those books were never opened after that quarter and are somewhere in my parents' basement collecting dead spiders, dust, and grime.This precious little boy (with his dad hiding behind him) is spending his the college bookstore. Maybe it's time to have that little talk with him where I tell him that his goal in life is to support his parents in their old age.

Nah, I'll let him enjoy life a little longer.