Friday, January 30, 2009

So How Productive Have I Been This Week?

Today is the fourth day in a row of no school around here. Yes, you read that right...our only day in session this week was MONDAY.

By now I should have all my weekend chores done so I can sit around and do nothing all day Saturday, then read magazines most of the day Sunday, until the football game comes on.

"should have"

However, I've done quite a bit of ... nothing.

Wait. I washed two loads of laundry.

I cooked dinner...TWICE.

I opened up some boxes of some things that I ordered online a few weeks ago. (haven't gotten them put away yet though)

I even ran the dishwasher a couple of times.

This morning I got a good laugh when Alex tried to move his car and got it stuck in a snowbank next to the driveway. Yes, it's still there. We'll wait on Big Daddy (Ted) to come home and move his truck so that Alex can move his car. My car stays in the garage. Joe moved his car to the garage so all the snow and especially the ice would melt off. I turned the heat in the garage up to 72, so it's melting at a pretty quick pace.

I've played LOTS of games of Spider Solitaire and Bubbles. I've put lots of JigZone puzzles together. I've checked my email approximately every 15 minutes. I've read all about the octuplets and Jessica Simpson's new curves.

But most importantly, I've read a lot of blogs.

So I guess I've been more productive than I thought I was.

Unfortunately it's about time to pay the piper, so I'm off to the laundry room. And the kitchen (it needs a good cleaning). And the half bath off the kitchen (also in need of a good cleaning). And of course I have about 8 shows to watch that I've DVRed. And a few good books to read.

Did I mention that it's snowing outside again? And that there's a chance for another winter blast to come through Monday night?



theArthurClan said...

I'm with you ~ I'm going to be spending my entire weekend cleaning as well. Blech ~ not the most fun task in the world!

Stacia said...

If you are like me we long for these lazy do nothing days......but find you tire of being lazy quickly. It gets boring fast doesn't it! :-)

PERBS said...

What a blessing you got some down time! I have psoted comments on the last 4 posts of yours. I also ahve a post up with photos! Using my old computer that had crashed. I got it running again enough to blog.

Jen said...

I think you were extremely productive this week. :)

edbteach said...

I would probably have done the same thing that you did.

What does your school do about all of the days that are missed?