Thursday, January 15, 2009

Anatomy of a Snow Day

11:20 pm - Finally go to bed, just having a strong feeling that there will be no school tomorrow, especially since many other districts all around the area have already called off (and wishing that the superintendent would have made the decision then too)

11:25 pm - Falling into a deep, welcoming sleep, after having two nights in a row with very little sleep (lots on my mind, thoughts swirling, and then weird, goofy dreams when I finally DO reach slumber land)

11:25 pm to 5:16 am -DEEP sleep, ahhhhhhhhh

5:16 am - RINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG at a full 120 decibels or more; I'm in such a deep sleep, that although I know it's the phone, I reach for the alarm clock and hold it to my ear, then can't figure out why it's still ringing. I put down the clock, pick up the phone, and listen to the recorded message from the school district we live in. Alex doesn't have school today.

5:18 am - decide to go to the bathroom since I'm awake; Ted goes to tell Alex that he has no school today.

5:20 am - back under the covers, all snuggly, fall immediately back to sleep

5:22 am - RINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG again. This time it's someone from my school, telling me that there's no school. We have a phone chain, so I hang up, get out my call sheet, conveniently located in my nightstand, and call the next person. She comments that it took them long enough to call off. I hang up, and go back to sleep easily.

5:37 am - RINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG yet again. Me: "Who the heck is it now???" (it's too dark to see the caller ID) Another recorded message from the district we live in. I have no idea why they had to tell us yet again. I got it the first time.

5:38 am - I'm thinking that I don't know if I can go back to sleep, and begin to toss and turn.

6:05 am - Give up sleeping for the time being, turn on the laptop

6:05 am to 6:50 am - check email, check our local newspaper website, check weather bug (Ted asked what the temperature was...I told him it was 5), check, play a few games, tell Ted that it's now down to 4 degrees.

6:55 am - fall into a deep sleep

9:00 am - RINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG My mother..."So, are you enjoying your day off?" Me: "I was...until the phone just woke me up" She apologized.

9:50 am - Hang up and decide to give up on sleep for the day

And now I've just been puttering around doing little stuff. If we have a day off tomorrow, I'm staying in bed all day and reading magazines!

For the record, the temperature continued to go down, but bottomed out at 4 below zero. It's now up to 8 degrees, but with the wind chill, it's -3. It's also very sunny out, which makes it pretty.


PERBS said...

It was 54 degrees here yesterday. Beautiful blue skies almost everywhere. I took a very long walk along the river and got many photos. Two are already up on my blog.

Stay safe but enjoy your snow and take some photos for me!

Jen said...

Have a good snow day! Maybe you can take a nap later without the phone waking you up.

theArthurClan said...

We had a snow day too, but my kids didn't let me sleep in at all...darn kids!

Hope you enjoyed your "do-nothing" day around the house. :)