Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Day Off

This time I got the call last evening, while I was fixing dinner. Then Alex drove us crazy, wondering when the call would come for him. He kept checking different websites for updated school closings, but nothing was showing up for here. FINALLY, two hours later, the phone rang, and the Caller ID showed the school district's phone number. I picked it up, called for Alex to pick it up, and Ted picked up too and even put it on speakerphone (we have way too many phones in this house!).

Sitting in the house right now, looking outside, it's a beautiful morning. White, pristine snow, sunshine reflecting off the snow, a few things gently blowing in the breeze.


I have checked several sources online and the temperature is currently 10 DEGREES BELOW ZERO. Factoring in the windchill factor makes it 18 DEGREES BELOW ZERO.

Fortunately, I don't need to go out today, but Joe has a haircut appointment and has to go get his allergy shots. He's young, he'll handle it. However, now I'm wondering if his car will start. Both of the boys' cars sit outside. We have a three car garage, but my vehicle and Ted's work truck are the only ones that are in there. Part of the garage is dedicated to....the riding lawn mower (or as Ted refers to it, the John Deere riding lawn tractor) and all kinds of other "stuff" that men like to let accumulate in their garages. Joe may have to take my TrailBlazer out and he will NOT be happy about that. He prefers his car and his car only. It's not that his car is a fabulous machine or anything, but it's just that it's HIS. Sometimes he really confuses me...

So...I think I'll finish up the laundry from yesterday, fill the dishwasher, and settle in to attack the pile of magazines that have accumulated over the past few months.

Ahhhhh yes...another snow day.


Stacia said...

It sounds like you will make a good day of it. :-)
Enjoy a good book or movie while you are at it. And don't forget the cup of hot cocoa!
Oh, it's -17 here. Not sure what the windchill would make it. I feel like I am back in North Dakota. Ha!

theArthurClan said...

It'd be a great day IF I could send the kids out to play! Now they are stuck inside with me all day long. Yikes!

Jen said... is 70 degrees warmer here. Yes, I am rubbing it in. It's finally our turn for good weather!

Have some hot chocolate with those magazines.

PERBS said...

And we have weather in the lower 50's all week and NO RAIn or snow or wind. It has been beautiful walking weather. Don't forget to take some snow photos!

edbteach said...

Isn't it soooo frustrating when you are trying to do something (sleep especially!) and people keep bothering you??

I think the uncertainty of snow days would drive me NUTS! Also, our TAKS test is right around the corner (March 3) and losing all of these days right before the test would also drive me nuts.

Stay warm and enjoy those magazines!