Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pizza Night

Saturday evening I called a pizza shop in the town next to ours to order dinner for us.

I placed the order (which varies only slightly from order to order). The guy on other end of the line said, "This is for *******, right?"

The pizza shop knows who we are. This could be because:

  1. they have caller ID
  2. they are clairvoyant
  3. we order pizza wayyyyy too much
I'm going with choice 3.


theArthurClan said...

All of the above.

(At least in our household that's the case!) ;)

Jen said...

Our favorite restaurant recognizes my voice over the phone. :) (I mean, besides also knowing my order and knowing me at sight when I walk in.)

edbteach said...

Don't worry - this happens to me too. (So I guess eating out is where a fair share of our money goes each month :)

Yes, DI does stand for Destination Imagination. I coached last year and this year so Meagan would have a team to be on. I like it but it adds a lot of paperwork to my already full day at school.

As for the new job, I starting meeting with kids yesterday. It took me a week to test almost 40 kids, arrange groups, prepare my room, meet with teachers, make a schedule (much harder to do this than you would think), etc.

For K - 2 I am using Read Well and for kids identified dyslexic I am using Language! The district bought these two programs to comply with RTI/dyslexia requirements. The testing I was doing was on k -2 and the assessments came from the actual Read Well program. It helped me decide who to pick up and in what group to put them in. I grouped kids according to their test - not just grade level. So, I have 1 K group, one K/1 group, and 2 groups that are 1/2. I have a fifth group but can't remember them right now! I see all of those kids from 8:15 - 11:00.

At 11:00 I work with 4th grade. I'm testing them right now using Jerry Johns IRI to get a better handle on their comprehension issues.

In the afternoon I work with the girl who took my place doing small groups with TAKS stratgies.

I then have a group of 3 third graders who are identified dyslexic.

I guess I should have e-mailed you huh? Sorry for the super long comment! (I like to talk in real life - can you tell???)

PERBS said...

They definitely have caller ID. Ours used to call the person abck to make sure we had ordered that. Guess they got too many prank calls ordering pizza for someone else's address and then the people not accepting it as they didn't order. Ü