Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Days 4 and 5

No school yesterday for me or for Alex. Still can't quite figure that one out as far as Alex is concerned, because there was NO new snow. Where I teach had a little bit, so I guess that was what made them cancel. For Alex, he leaves here around 6:40 am so that he can get a parking place. Fortunately he was running a few minutes late because his call came at 6:41. However, about 6:55 am, Ted told him he needed to go turn his car off...he'd been letting it warm up and forgot about it. (And this is the kid that we're sending away to college next year????)

I was somewhat domesticated yesterday...I grilled 3 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breasts on the George, then cut them all up. Yes, I took one of the little cut up pieces and broke it up into tiny bits to feed to the cats. They loved it. Anyway, then I made chocolate chip cookies. I think this is the first time I've made tollhouse cookies since we've lived in this house, so it's been quite a while. They were still warm when Ted got home from work and that made his day. Those are his all time favorite cookies, especially when he eats them with a glass of really cold milk. Then I boiled some penne pasta, added frozen broccoli when it was about half way through the cooking time, drained it, added the chicken I'd grilled earlier, then mixed it with two jars (gasp! not homemade!) of alfredo sauce. It was SO good! I also made garlic bread and a salad and it was a darn good meal for mid-week, hahaha!

We're in the hook of the wild winter storm, but when I got my call that there was no school today at 4:15 am it was not snowing, but raining ice pellets. Right now it's up to 32 degrees and still icing, and it's almost 10:00. Every other district in the county called off last night, but our district decided to wait until every one was in a deep sleep and let the ringing phone scare the crap out of them. We have a phone chain and whenever I call the next person, I'm always extremely careful that I dial the correct number. I can't imagine how irritated someone would be to answer the phone and realize it's a wrong number when it's sometime between 4 and 6 am!

A few areas in our county have already lost power due to the ice. The local news on the radio said that AEP has already called in workers from states not in the line of this winter storm, in anticipation of a lot of customers losing power. I just hope that we're not one.

My mother seems to get concerned about my plans on snow days...I think she's afraid I'll just waste the day. And if the truth were to be told...sometimes I do just lay around and do nothing, but I don't tell her that. I like to let her think that I've used my time off wisely. Let's keep that our little secret, okay?

But today I think I'll evaluate the laundry situation, maybe run the dishwasher, and possibly clean up the den a little. I might even watch some TV shows that I've DVRed.

Or maybe not.


Terre said...

We got to school at 7:30 yesterday, I took attendance and started my lesson when the principal announced they were closing the school, our first official snow day. It did snow but they didn't need to send everyone home in my opinion but I got a lot done around the house. Poor Trevyn's HS had exams and sent the kids home at noon after the exams. Today is an icey mess and they cancelled school at 10:45 last night so I got two days off mid-week, something rare in Virginia but not complaining.

Jen said...

I always loved an unexpected day off. You should just laze about and drink hot chocolate!

Jen said...

I always loved an unexpected day off. You should just laze about and drink hot chocolate!

PERBS said...

We have had 15 days of snow so far. Before Christmas, several days it snwoed quite a bit so we had lots of snwo. Lately it snows in the morning and by late afternoon, it is almsot gone from everywhere! I love your kind of snow. I miss living in upstate new York.

I hope we get a little more before winter is over but maybe I shouldn't be so greedy sicne this is a record year for snwo with 24 inches so far measured. Have I told you how much I like snow?

Hopefully, you don't have to mak up thsoe school snow days. In SE Idaho, they called them acts of God and we didn't have to mak up them.