Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The group of people who pay almost as much attention to winter weather as the meteorologists is....can you guess??

Yes, you're right...TEACHERS.

Some of them take it very seriously. In fact, last year, the two teachers I shared a room with were so on top of the weather that our room was nicknamed "Weather Central," and deservedly so, I might add. They knew what was happening hour by hour (via and would state first thing each Monday morning which days were looking good for a 2 hour delay or even a cancellation.

This year, one of them was transferred to another building (not her choice, because she would never want to leave ME, hahaha! but due to her being low man on the totem pole seniority wise even after 12 years, she had to go to a building whose test scores were lower than low, in the hopes of bringing them up) and now I am left with only one weather guru.

When Kris looks at me, she is really looking behind me, out the window. She's always checking the status of the sky in addition to Other teachers stop by and ask her for her professional opinion on what we may or may not get as far as snow or ice is concerned.

Everyone thought we would have a two hour delay this morning because of the cold weather. It was 3 degrees when I got up. However, there was no wind, so the children waiting for the buses did not have to suffer terribly and, alas, we went in on time.

Within a couple of hours of school starting though, it began to snow...and snow...and snow...and it's still snowing. After lunch, several teachers were talking about a few neighboring school districts that would be dismissing at 1:00 due to the snow. Then we heard that our bus drivers were told to be on standby. As we all watched out the windows as the snow was blowing and piling up , we anticipated the announcement declaring we would all be going home shortly.


It's hard to keep the kids focused when it's snowing outside. They just want to look out the windows. I usually let them go over to the windows for a few minutes and watch the snow come down. They seem to get it out of their system that way, and then they are ready to go on with the day.

Anyway, it's still snowing, but Alex and I both made it home safely. Joe doesn't start classes until next week, so he's home too. Ted is still working, but should be home in the next hour or so. Hopefully he'll plow out the driveway.

During after school announcements, our principal mentioned that the way the weather looks, there's a chance we won't be in school tomorrow AND with a wind chill of -25 projected for Friday morning (yes, you read that right, MINUS 25), we are likely, at the very least, to have a two hour delay. I brought plenty of stuff home to do, just in case our next day is a scheduled work day on Monday.

One can only hope.


Jen said...

I will cross my fingers for your snow day!

I never had a snow day when I was teaching, but I did have two hurricane cancellations. That includes the hurricane that took out our school cafeteria.

theArthurClan said...

My sister is a middle school teacher and she is always giddy with joy when school is cancelled! I dread it because it means that I will have four bored children cooped up in the house with me. Although maybe this time I could just send them out to freeze in the snow! :)

Stacia said...

Lucky you!
We actually DO have school today.
We are the only school district that does and I guess according to the news we have tons of angry parents that don't agree. It's just plain crazy with all the tons of snow plus the windchill.
Stay in and stay warm!

PERBS said...

Looks like you are getting the snow we had for 12 days awhile back. Enjoy!