Saturday, January 3, 2009

Just a Few Days Late

New Year's Eve was nice.

We went out for dinner with Ted's brother and sister in law:

his sister and brother in law:

and our sons:

(who were absolutely thrilled that I got the camera out, as you can see).

The other cousins had other plans for the evening, so there were only 8 of us.

Around Thanksgiving time we made reservations at a fairly nice nearby restaurant. They couldn't get us in until 7:15 pm.

The lobby was packed, and I do mean PACKED. We saw several people that we knew, either coming in or going out. Do you know how hard it is to give someone a hug and wish them a Happy New Year when it's wall-to-wall people?

We were finally seated around 8:00 pm.

Our waiter was very good. That helps a lot.

A few of us just had water to drink, so we asked the waiter if he could bring us a pitcher and leave it at the table. He said that would help him out in addition to us.

I ordered an appetizer called fried pasta. It's very good. There's pasta and mozzarella cheese, made into a small cube (okay, a rectangular prism for those of you who teach math), then covered with Japanese bread crumbs (I have absolutely NO idea what that is, but it sounds good), then deep fried. It's served with a marinara sauce. YUMMY!

The salad was good. It always is at that restaurant. The italian bread was good too. However, they do not serve butter, but rather a "spread" of some type. Excuse me, I prefer butter.

The Boston strip steak was pretty good. It wasn't fantastic, but it was okay. It's a thicker cut than the New York strip. The baked potato didn't have a lot of flavor and I really didn't like the idea of the flavor of "spread" on it, so I asked the waiter if they had butter. He thought they did, and found some in the back and brought it out. That scored him a few extra bucks in the tip department.

I ate about half of the potato though...I was full by that point.

All in all, the meal was about a 6 out of a possible 10. I think we may go somewhere else next year.

After we came home, the boys and Ted went over to his brother's house for a while. I was continuing my quest to upload all my photos to photobucket. I didn't realize how many I had!

I went to the bedroom and sat in the recliner to read shortly after midnight, and the guys came home a few minutes later.

For the most part it was a quiet night...and that was fine with me.

I hope yours was happy and safe!


edbteach said...

We, as usual, didn't do much for New Year's Eve. We invited some friends and their kids over but he was on-call and had to stay close to home. (They live about an hour from us.)

Hubby and I cleaned and organized actually - that's when I got started on my scrapbook table.

We put the kids to bed around 9 and then went to bed shortly after midnight.

Why are you putting your pics on photobucket (if I may ask?)?

Leeann said...

Hi Cindi,

The Japanese bread crumbs are called Panko. They are crispier and lighter than traditional bread crumbs. Very yummy!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a good time. I had to work. Our best to you all. Probably see you all in July.

A friend,,,

The Arthur Clan said...

We spent New Year's Eve with family as well ~ it was so much fun!

So glad you had an enjoyable evening. Happy New Year!

PERBS said...

I don't think I would have waited that long just to eat at a place I would not return to next year. Too bad they didn't have reservations.