Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Photos

I braved the elements and went outside to take a few pictures. For those of you in the warm area of the country right now, enjoy our beloved snow.

For those of you getting hit with the same winter storm as we are in east central Ohio, just remember that misery loves company!

Our property butts up against the family farm, and this is a pile of topsoil that was scraped off of the land next to us. Ted's sister and her husband are building a new home there and they scraped this off before they started. In the background is part of one of the farm buildings. I liked how the weeds stuck up through the snow.

This is our charcoal grill. We had freezing rain for at least four hours before it finally turned into snow. I thought that the icicles hanging off the grill looked nice. Of course I wanted to reach out and break them all off, but somehow stopped myself. Maybe I'll go out and do it later on.

This is one of our plants around our back porch. I have no idea what type of plant it is because I rarely commune with nature. All I know is that it looks nice when it's blooming.

Here's another one of those plants that I don't know the name of. I like how the snow just fell right into it. I think it looks COLD.

I like snow...and even cold weather, at times. But when I've had enough, I'VE HAD ENOUGH. We're quickly getting to that point, so I'm trying to imagine myself inside this fenced area, floating in the pool. Yes, there's a pool under all that snow. Somewhere. At least there was in the fall.

When I came back inside, Marina was lying on the counter watching me. Okay, so before we got cats I said that we would NEVER have a cat on the counter or the table. I caved in early on. However, lest you think we're dirty slobs, please know that I clean the table and countertops off on practically an hourly basis and go through several bottles of kitchen cleaner spray a week.


theArthurClan said...

Count me in on that "misery loves company" party! Enough is enough.

Your beautiful cat is making me sneeze the screen (darn allergies.) ;)

Leeann said...

We have a forlorn pool like that in our back yard too. It is on its way to the blog tonight. We had similar plans!

But Oh MAN is it time for these kiddos to be back in school. Mine have been home for 4.5 out of the last 8 possible school days.

Jen said...

My parents' cat isn't allowed on the counters but is allowed on the top of the refrigerator. They just turn a blind eye to the fact that she has to walk across the counters to get up there. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the "Old House" So many memories. You can keep the snow however.

Your "Old Friend"

PERBS said...

Loved the icicles even tho they were small -- unlike the ones hanging from church room on Christmas Eve here. I especially loved the bush following the icicles. Great shot! Thanks for sharing YOUR snow with me!