Monday, January 5, 2009

Alex's Night

You may recall back in early October that I wrote about Alex's dream.

Tonight's the night! I'm so excited for him.

Alex, Aunt Patty, Uncle Tim, and his cousin Holly have been working on "the plan" for almost THREE months now, and today they have been able to put it into place.

Alex was going to leave school at lunch today, go to the bank (t-shirts are $50 and Devil Horns are $15), come home and get something to eat, then go over to AP and UT's. (They live behind us.)

AP was working until 2:00, then coming home.

UT was working until a little after noon, then coming home.

They were planning on leaving at 2:00, driving to a suburb of Cleveland to pick up Holly at her apartment after she got home from work, eating at a nearby restaurant, then arriving at the "Q," otherwise known as Quicken Loans Arena.

I spoke to Alex around noon and he was trying to be patient, but when you're 18, about to see the band you are a HUGE fan of, and have had this date circled on your calendar for three months, patience isn't an easy thing to attain!

He bought two extra memory cards for my digital camera (yes, I gave him permission to use it) and is taking two sets of extra batteries. With fifth row seats, he should be able to get some great shots.

Unfortunately we won't see them until after school tomorrow, because I'm NOT getting up at 1:00 in the morning, when he gets home, and he'll be heading straight to bed because....

he has to go to school in the morning. I was going to tell him that he could go in at lunch because I knew he'd be tired, but he commented that he hates to miss school because it's so hard to get caught up. What an attitude!

Ironically, Ted went to his first concert on a January night of his senior year in high school. It was over an hour away, and it began to snow while they were inside. They dealt with slippery roads and blinding snow on their way home, but eventually made it safely, in the wee hours of the morning. The other guys that went with him showed up for school the next morning, but Ted's mom let him stay home and sleep.

Fortunately, there is no snow in the forecast for tonight, but in northeast Ohio, you just never know.

I just want him to have a great time!


The Arthur Clan said...

I can't even imagine how excited he must be! I hope the weather stays calm and that he thoroughly enjoys the evening.

Stacia said...

Oh I KNOW he had a great time.
The Black Ice concert ROCKED!
Can't wait to hear his take on it. :-)

PERBS said...

I hope the concert was worth waiting for and also that he has a great time with many memories, some of them photos!