Monday, February 2, 2009

My Secret

I have been watching "The Bachelor."

I'm hanging my head in shame here...not because I'm watching the show, but because I'm admitting it to all of you. Okay, maybe a little bit because I'm watching it. I should spend my time more productively, hahaha.

Personally I don't think there's a great connection between any of the five remaining girls and Jason. (The show is on right now, so as of this moment there are still five women there.)

There's a severe lack of language skills on this show though.

Amazing girls.

Amazing dates.

Amazing kisses.

Gag me. Can't they come up with different vocabulary??

And another can they even begin to "fall in love" (another gag me thing) when they are doing this show and not living in the real world.

Imagine for a moment, if you will, that Jason and one of the ladies have worked hard all day, and finally arrived home to a home that's cluttered from dinner and the toys, etc. that they were too tired to take care of the night before. Then there's a discussion about who will fix what for dinner, or even where to order pizza from. Toss in a child who's not feeling well (Jason has a three year old son), and one of their cars was making funny noises on the way home from work. Oh yeah, and the cat is throwing up all over the carpet.

That's real life. It's easy to fall in love under romantic circumstances, but when you take away all the "fluff" it's much more realistic.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox now.

Don't tell anyone that I watch this show. I wouldn't want it to get out.


edbteach said...

The Bachelor is one of the few reality TV shows I don't watch. I can't wait for Amazing Race to come back on!

I LOVE the new background! I went to change mine the other day and the website was overloaded or something because it wouldn't let me in.

PERBS said...

Hmmmm I watch it also. I thought it was so funny that all the ladies thought they were going to met his son and son was very onery and actually mae him change all his neat plans for a ate that night. I would have "killed" him. lol I mean the father, not the kid.

I liked the widowed lady with the daughter who got sent home. Her daughte behaved much better than the son of the bachelor. I don't like any of the other women.

I'm rtired and I can watch any junk I want to these last few days of television for me. I didn't buy a converter box and now there are none available so won't be watching this kind of junk anymore. I will miss HOUSE tho --it was on the opposite station and I should ahve stuck to it.

theArthurClan said...

I have never watched this show and probably never will. I still like you though! :) (Hee!)

Stacia said...

I love it too Cindi!
I was sucked in early and couldn't stop watching.
You are 100% right in that it's easy to fall in love and be romantic when there are no responsibilites.
I liked Steph (the one with the daughter) a lot but I could see there wasn't a spark there so I understand why he let her go.
What I DON'T see is how you can be so into 4 women at the same time.
If I was to say whom it "looked" like he had chemistry with it would be Molly. They seem the most natural and compatable.
Next weeks "Meet The Parents" episode looks like a really good weeding out process. ;-)