Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Leisurely Morning

Yesterday morning Ted and I took a ride out to Amish country. There was a small (and I DO mean small!) meat store out there that does catering. I'd never heard of it until recently and wanted to see what they had. We're trying to plan ahead for Alex's graduation party in May.

I'm trying to get in the habit of taking my camera with me when I go places, so I made sure to grab it on our way out the door. Joe has a Saturday morning class this semester (he really doesn't like that at all, but that's the only time it's offered, so he has to just do it) and Alex was taking the ACT...again. The amount of money that his college of choice will award him is based on his ACT score, so he wanted to try to improve, just one more time.

Anyway, off we was a fairly sunny morning, and it was supposed to really warm up. It actually got up to about 53 yesterday, so a good bit of the snow has melted. Fortunately there was still snow on the ground as we were driving down all kinds of country roads.

As the sun came through the clouds, you could see the rays, and the sun was glistening off the snow in some places.

We passed by a farm that looked so pretty in the sunlight and snow.

After we went to the little store and made a few purchases, I made Ted stop so I could take a picture of this street sign in town. One of my Reading Mastery groups is reading a story about a genie named Ott. I thought that the kids would get a kick out of this. I printed this picture and will take it to school tomorrow. Ted told me to make sure that I tell the kids that he was forced to stop the car so I could get this shot, hahaha!

After leaving that little town, we headed to another small town where they have a great cheese store. We got some cheese, along with a few other things, and then I made Ted pull around to the far side of the store and saw a few interesting things.

I'm not really sure what this building is, but I liked how the stone looked. Imagine how much time and effort went into putting this building together. The buggy and horse were not there for effect...there were several Amish customers in the store while we were in there.

And then we saw this old cemetery. I thought it looked so interesting, just out there in a field, with no fence around it or anything. It was too muddy to get out and go up to get a really good look, so I have no idea if it's an Amish cemetery or an English cemetery. But regardless, I thought it was very serene, on the side of a little slope, with the snow on the ground.

After we got home, we had lunch, then went to the photography studio where Alex had his senior pictures taken. Part of the package that we ordered included graduation announcements. Alex and I went there last Tuesday to select the style and work on the design. Yesterday Ted and I went to go look at the proof. We made a few minor changes, then gave the go-ahead. They'll be ready next week sometime. We were pleased with how they came out.
So, all in all, we had a nice, leisurely time together. Since our sons are getting older, we're doing more and more things without them, so it's nice to find out that we really do still like each other!


PERBS said...

Sounds like an interesting day == glad you took your camera so I could see more snow! I also enjoyed the other things -- especially the cemetary! That was neat about that st. sign matching what you are doing in class. The kids will get a kick out of that and maybe even soem recognize it if they ahve been to that place.

edbteach said...

I love how the Ott sign overlaps with a school sign!

I wish we lived in a place where we could visit small shops like the ones you blogged about.

I want to live near a farmer's market!

Terre said...

One of my favorite shows is Globetrotter, you would have been great at that job. Showing the world places you visit. No wonder I can't get you to leave Ohio, you keep finding things to blog about there :o) T