Saturday, February 28, 2009


So I finally decided to start my own Facebook page. I was always using Alex's and he was tired of that (I don't blame him) and took the plunge a few weeks ago.

I added pictures, and then began the "search" for people I might know. I decided that I was NOT going to add people, just to add them and try to hit 1000 friends or anything like that. In fact, most of my "friends" are relatives. There are a few who are not, but they are people I enjoy talking to.

One of the more interesting friends I have is a guy I was in band with back in high school. He played saxophone and is a year younger than me. He used to have all this thick, dark hair and now has....none. I'm thinking that he might be hair follicle challenged and just shaves his head because it's easier for him. Not only does he look different, he uses a different first name now. I knew him by Julian and now he goes by David. However, I knew it was him from the smile. I sent him a message asking if he was who I thought he was, and he said that it was indeed him. He told me that Julian was the name he always went by in high school, but that was his middle name. David is his first name.

I sort of had him pegged as a possible band director, as he was really into music. I lost track of him after I graduated. I found out he went to college and got a degree in business administration and later on a masters in finance.

He's the CEO of a fabulous organization and has traveled all over the world. There are pictures on his Facebook page of him in Thailand, Spain, Monte Carlo, Cancun, and even a few places in the US. He enjoys the finer things in life, like Opera and gourmet cooking. He lives in Chicago and is obviously pretty well off financially. He told me that he has 7 great nieces and nephews and he has offered to pay for college for ALL OF THEM. So far several have graduated from high school, but only one has taken him off on his offer. One of his great nephews is a high school senior and is coming to visit him for spring break. He plans on trying to talk him into going to college.

What an opportunity!!

I know the numbers we're looking at for Alex for the next four years and YIKES it's a lot of money! If someone offered him four years of college we'd all jump on it!

Anyway, I told Julian that I could not call him David and that he'd always be Julian to me. He told me that was fine, and that his old friends and his family still call him that. He only uses David professionally. It was great to get back in touch with him, and I'm absolutely thrilled that he's so happy in his life right now.


Jen said...

That so nice of him to pay for college for all those kids! I can't believe only one has accepted it.

Terre said...

Cindi you'll have to look for my facebook and friend me :o)I've not searched for friends or sent anyone a request but would love to add you. I only got one because a friend from England wanted to share photos with me and people started finding me. Kind of a neat thing, but can take up a lot of time. Ter

PERBS said...

I have heard of this site but never bothered to look to see if I was interested. It sounded like that other site I forget the name of that my DIL and children have sites for themselves on.

Enjoy your experience.

theArthurClan said...

Cindi - you need to add me as a friend! :) I have a Facebook button on my blog.

This is such a great FB reunion story. If someone offered to pay for my children's college education...they'd be going to college whether they wanted to or not! Wow...I can't believe that most of them haven't taken advantage of his generous offer.