Monday, March 2, 2009

One Scholarship Application Down, Tons To Go

I have a strong suspicion that the scholarship application Alex filled out this past weekend was one of the easier ones he'll be coming across. The scholarship is sponsored by the Parent Teacher Organization at the elementary school he attended. One thing he had to do was write an essay about why his years in elementary school were so special.

I know he's my son, but I was really impressed with his essay. It's as though he finally used all that he'd been taught about writing over the years.

He also had to write a paragraph as to why he felt he deserved the scholarship. He did a very nice job with that too.

(This kid just seems to amaze me sometimes.)

He had to have two letters of recommendation, one being from a teacher at the elementary school. He got in touch with his fourth grade teacher about a month or so ago and was so polite about asking her to do this. Her letter was extremely complimentary toward him and it actually made me see him in a different light.

He got everything turned in today and I was glad to be able to cross that particular application off the list. He has another one due this Friday and he's working on that one tonight. This time he is required to write a 300 word essay. Believe it or not, it can be difficult to restrict yourself to only 300 words. However, I'm sure he'll do fine with it.

He was going to apply for our school district foundation for a scholarship, but the academic scholarships require a GPA of 3.5 or higher. He's got a pretty good GPA, but it's not quite up to 3.5, so that eliminates him from those. They also have leadership scholarships available, HOWEVER, he never listened to me throughout his high school years (until just recently and now it's too late!). I told him many times that he should be more involved in various activities because it would look great on college and scholarship applications.



And now he'll soon be paying the price, in more ways than one.

Hopefully we'll be able to come across more scholarships that he may be eligible for.

So if you know of any college scholarships that are out there just waiting for a sweet 18 year old boy planning on majoring in journalism, would you send me the information? Please??



Terre said...

Cindi, there are lots out there but most of them had deadlines before now, scholarships start in sept your senior year. All walmarts give a local scholarship so check there, alexa got $1000 there. I'll go through my scholarship files and send you some. Meanwhile is there a career center in his school, they have all the scholarships, I'll bet the high school and teachers association have scholarships, ours does and Lions Clubs, Rotarys, Elks Lodges they all give scholarships both locally and nationally. As a mom of three in college you can bet I've done my share :o)

Jen said...

I got some scholarships directly from my college (without asking too!) Maybe that will be a possibility.

PERBS said...

Congratulations on this first accomplishment -- may he find many more.

Alexa said...

Alex should create an account on

You create a profile by answering questions about what major you are getting your degree in and what activities you are involved with.

It takes a bit of time to set up the profile but it gives you links to tons of scholarships that you are eligible for.

I found several that I applied for and ended up getting through the fastweb site.

There are some advertisements on the site, but you just have to click no thanks when they show up.

To Alex - From someone who has been there the last four years, fill out as many scholarship applications as you can. It is a pain but if you spent a few days filling them out a year and get college paid for it is definitely worth it! Good luck!


theArthurClan said...

I have no advice (since my kids are all still little) but I have to comment on that much fun! :)