Saturday, March 28, 2009

Great Way to Spend a Saturday Morning

We went to Sam's Club this morning. It's not real close, so it's not something that we do at the spur of the moment. It takes about half an hour or so to get there, depending on who's doing the driving. These days, the driver is most often Ted, as I prefer to be chauffeured around. We usually spend at least an hour in there, but often it's closer to two hours. Then there's the unloading when we get home, and putting everything away.

He does NOT like going there at all. I'm not crazy about it either, but it's become a necessary evil in our lives.

We go through paper towels like most people go through underwear. Note that I said "most people" because I know there are some out there in the real world who choose not to change their underwear with the frequency necessary to feel "fresh and clean." There are also those out there that make the choice to go commando. Good for you. Just don't tell me about it. I have no desire to know that there's nothing between those raggedy jeans and your private parts.

Anyway, we always get a huge package of Bounty paper towels. We also go through paper plates quickly. It makes things easier on me and they are SOOOOOOOOO convenient.

Please, no comments about our contribution to area landfills. Thank you.

Our cats are picky eaters...well, at least the girls are. Oliver spent time outside before he became part of our family, so I think his diet consisted of birds and mice. Therefore, he's pleased with just about anything he can get his teeth into. Our cats eat Fancy Feast canned cat food, but not the fish. So we get the box that has turkey feast, chicken feast, and beef feast, I believe. When we get two boxes at Sam's we save about 7 cents a can....times 72 cans. (that's $5.04 for those of you who prefer NOT to do the math)

Joe is on a mission to make Heinz ketchup the most popular condiment in the state of Ohio. Today we actually got TWO three packs of it. Each bottle is bigger than what you would normally get in the grocery store, and we have SIX bottles now. Hopefully they'll last for a couple of months, but I'm not crossing my fingers.

We got a bunch of other goodies since we were up there, but those are the main things we were after.

Actually I forgot to get something there. I'm afraid to tell Ted about it. He won't be interested in going back there anytime soon to get what I forgot, so we'll either have to be conservative with what we have left here at home, or venture to my all-time favorite store (I Hate Wal-Mart) to stock up.

I forgot to get AA batteries. How in the heck do we go through so many of them??

Ted's favorite items of the day? Chocolate chip cookies.

When it comes to chocolate chip cookies, he just melts.

He's such a good guy...if chocolate chip cookies make him happy, then I'm thrilled to buy them for him.

(This is where all of you Betty Crockers out there say, "Can't you just bake them for him???" And I answer, "Well, uh, I suppose I could, but I just can't seem to get around to it." I hate to disappoint everyone, but I'm not SuperWoman anymore. I'll work on baking cookies more this summer.)

I wanted to buy a DVD recorder, but they didn't have any. Oh well, I'll look online for one later today.

I did see something that I would love to have for our back porch. It was a very comfortable La-Z-Boy outdoor seating set.

I sat on the couch and one of the chairs and just imagined myself sitting on the back porch, reading a book, or watching the occasional groundhog in the back 40 of the backyard, wondering why I didn't get a shotgun instead of a seating set.

I asked Ted to sit down on it and he said that he was going to take my word for it that it was comfortable. I commented that it would look very nice on our back patio. He said we could use it all summer, then offer it to Alex's college in the fall in lieu of a tuition payment. (Okay, so it was a little over $2000, but a person can dream, can't they?)

Needless to say, we're not getting it.

In other "not so good" news, the maid and laundress didn't show up this week, so I have some things to do around the house. Oh joy. I sorted the laundry last night and have a total of 11 loads to do. This is what happens when you don't try to do a load or so each day. I guess I haven't learned a lesson yet. Gee, married for over 25 years and I still haven't figured it out.


PERBS said...

If I were you, I would get a battery charger and some rechargeables. Saves lots of money.

Jen said...

Our Costco is 45 minutes away so that isn't a spur of the moment thing either. I love going and eating all the samples though.

theArthurClan said...

I love Sam's Club and need to make a trip there again sometime soon - I haven't been there forever!

My sister has a membership so we'll need to coordinate a Girl's Day Out together. :)