Friday, March 13, 2009

What Goes Around, Comes Around

When I was younger...MUCH younger....I would spend a few weeks each summer with my grandma, aunt, and cousin Lynne. They all lived together and when I would show up for my annual visit it was such a refreshing change. I have a younger brother and when you're anywhere between about 10 and 16, you totally want to put the thought of a younger brother out of your mind in any way possible.

At least I did.

So I always looked forward to the female only "vacation," as my aunt used to refer to my time there.

My cousin Lynne is seven years older than me. She was (and still is) absolutely beautiful. She's thin, with dark hair, high cheekbones, and extremely pretty eyes.

She was very feminine when she was younger. Well, she still is, but we all change a little as we get older.

It would take her an hour and a half to get ready to go anywhere, AND THAT IS NO EXAGGERATION.

That doesn't even include the time involved in getting her clothes out for wherever it was she was going.

She had her routine and I would just love to sit and watch her go through it.

She would wash her face and neck thoroughly, then begin to apply the various creams and lotions. She would then get out everything that she would need for her hair. She had long, dark hair and had several styles that she rotated through. Some were very simple. Others were quite complicated. But no matter which style she chose, her hair always looked gorgeous.

She performed her tasks in the bathroom. I would sit on the little stool they had next to the bathtub and just stare at her. I would watch each and every move that she made, hoping that I could learn something from her.

If something didn't go on perfectly, she took it off and did it again.

I could go through her whole routine, but that would bore you to tears. Suffice it to say that it included concealer, foundation, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, powder, and lipstick.

Then of course there was the hair to style (and if it didn't come out just right, then she would re-do it), then cover the face, and use the hairspray.

Finally she was ready to put on her clothes and shoes. Once that was accomplished, there was the jewelry to put on...the perfect necklace for that particular outfit, and of course the earrings that matched. Then there might possibly be a bracelet put on. And finally, there was the watch band to select. She had a watch that had many different color bands and her band always had to match her outfit. Once she was totally put together, she would spray her cologne on. She didn't choose her cologne until she was all ready, because she had to see what she felt like wearing once she was totally dressed.

And throughout this entire hour and a half production, I would be staring and watching in amazement. I watched each and every little thing she did. I sat there very quietly, watching an artist at work, and knew that if I did anything to distract her, she might make me leave. (She really wouldn't, but that's the impression I had.)

Fast forward to tonight.

Before I took my shower, I decided to shave my legs. We have a little stool in the bathroom and I was sitting on it, in front of the vanity and lav with my razor and shaving cream.

(I have to say the word "lav" because I'm married to a plumber and the things that hold water that are put in bathrooms are called lavatories, NOT sinks. Sigh.)

In walked Marina, our middle kitty. She sat and stared at me as I went through all the steps necessary to shave my legs. She watched the foam that appeared from the shaving cream and as I rubbed it in. She watched the razor as it started at my ankle and moved up my leg. She watched the razor as I swished it in the water in the lav.

She was mesmerized by each and every stroke I mad on my legs.

She made me think of...


when I would watch Lynne all those years ago.

Sort of brings new meaning to the old phrase "what goes around, comes around."


PERBS said...

I think I like "her" story better. Never thought I would ever read about how one shoved their legs! lol

theArthurClan said...

Awww ~ that's actually a very sweet story. I'll bet your aunt loved spending that one-on-one time with you. :)