Sunday, December 23, 2007


I've complained about Christmas for a long time, how there is so much pressure on us (especially women). We've got to find the perfect holiday card, decorate the tree perfectly, have the house look perfect, find the perfect gift for those hard-to-buy-for relatives, wrap them up perfectly, and have the perfect cookies, along with creating the perfect meal for Christmas dinner.

Well...with encouragement from Ted, I'm feeling sort of peaceful right now, even content. There were some changes this year.

Joey and Alex put the tree up under my direction. They decorated the tree when I wasn't even around. I decided that for this year, I would not fill the house with all the beautiful Christmas decorations that I have. Life will go if I don't go all out, I'm sure of it. Then the other day (and this was a total shock) Ted said that I didn't even need to make cookies. He said this as we were going to bed, and I thought that he would forget that he said it by morning, but he didn't. In the morning, he said, "Now remember, you're NOT making cookies this year! It's just too much for you to do."

I love that man.

I finished wrapping gifts yesterday.

Today I did laundry and cleaned the kitchen, including cleaning out the refrigerator. Then this evening we made meatballs for wedding soup. Right now I've got a chicken cooking for the broth. But this is going to be just for us.

We are NOT hosting any holiday gathering this year. For my side of the family we're going to spend Christmas day at my cousin's home, about an hour and 15 minutes away. For Ted's family, I just didn't make a move to invite everyone here. I knew someone else would have to step up to the plate, and today they did. U.T. called and invited us all over to their house next Sunday to exchange gifts. Although he DID mention New Year's Eve... we're going out to dinner with A.P. and U.T., Ted's sister and her husband, niece Kelly and her husband and young son. I made the reservation back in mid November, thank goodness. Tim mentioned on the phone that he didn't know what we'd be doing after dinner...maybe go to someone's house. I did NOT offer our house, but when I think about it, I'd rather be here than anywhere else.

Anyway, I just feel peaceful about this holiday right now. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and spending the day with my family. Ted took the day off and that's nice that he can be here too.

Now this is what it's supposed to be about.