Friday, December 28, 2007

Pepina Marie

My precious Pepina...what a sweetheart. She'll be 2 years old in March. She's affectionate, and likes to jump up on me, curl up against my shoulder and snooze for a while.

She can be sooooooooo deceiving too.

On Christmas Eve day, "P" (as we affectionately call her sometimes) was on the kitchen counter, directly underneath the cupboard where the kitty treats are kept. Ted has her trained. If she wants a treat, she has to give him a kiss on the cheek first. Now, if we ask her, she'll give any of us a kiss if she wants a treat. Of course, we need to ask for it first.

She sat on the counter very patiently, but finally let out a little "meow" attempting to attract attention to herself. I saw her, and said, "No treats 'P' just had some a little while ago."

She continued to sit there for a moment, then took a step, put a paw back by the cookie jar, and with a determined push, knocked my digital camera off the counter, onto the tile floor. She then sat up straight and looked at the cupboard, again waiting for her treat. I, on the other hand, just looked at her with my mouth open.

Now before you begin to laugh and tell me that it's all my fault for having the camera on the counter, let me tell YOU that the camera was way back, almost to the back wall, between the cookie jar and the toaster. It had been left there in a hurry, and she's definitely seen the camera before, so it was nothing new to her.

She was mad. She had decided that if she wasn't going to get a treat, she was going to do something that would irritate me.

And she was successful.

Naturally I checked the camera to see if it worked. Not really. If you hold it just right, with the right amount of pressure on two different parts, then it will come on. However, if you attempt to take a picture, it turns off right away. I tried new batteries. Same thing.

Christmas Eve and no working digital camera. Sigh.

Christmas morning, I dug around and found the old 35 mm camera. Fortunately there was still a roll of film in it and a few extra rolls in the case.

That night Joey and I were talking about gifts and different things and he commented that he was sure I'd have a new camera by next Christmas. Then he laughed and said I'd probably have one by my birthday (July). Then I laughed and said that I planned on getting a new one the next day.

And I did.

Thanks Pepina...but you're still not getting a treat!


Paulie said...

Sorry about your camera -- you have one spoiled cat! Be sure to put up your new camera! What kind did you get?