Sunday, December 9, 2007

I've Had it

All this Christmas crap is for the birds. All I really want to do is enjoy the season and that hasn't happened for years.

It's already a well-known fact that I don't like to shop. I love to look at decorations. I have a bunch of Christmas trees here, all in their boxes or bags in the basement, except one. The music is absolutely wonderful. Many of the television shows and movies are fantastic. But there is a severe lack of TIME to do all that I want to do during the holiday season.

I made a decision yesterday and I'm going to stick by it, at least for this year. It will make my life so much simpler.

The ONLY decorations that will be put up in our house this year will be our tree. And it's been up for a week. At least this one has. Our other tree, that we only used for a couple of years, looked like CRAP, so last Saturday I bought a new one. The old one is back in the box and the new one is up. However, there are no decorations on it, except the lights that came with it. Oh yeah, and an ornament that I purchased when I was out doing some shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I have four really cute "kitchen" Santas, but they're not going up this year. I have a darling "kitchen" themed little tree, but it's not going up this year either. I have a beautiful white tree that is not going up. I have a tall, skinny tree that's not going up. I have more trees and tons of decorations, but NOTHING else is going up...except for the ornaments on the tree that's already standing...and who knows when that will happen??

Have I mentioned yet that I really don't like the hoopla surrounding Christmas??

Fortunately we're hosting NO holiday least none that I know of at this time. That alleviates a lot of the pressure.

I would like to do some baking, but haven't gotten to it yet. It was supposed to be yesterday, but that just didn't quite happen. It won't happen today either, because I have laundry to do. Having Friday off really was a big help...I was able to more or less wrap up the shopping. I still have a few things to take care of, but they can't be done until closer to the actual day.

I would love to take time out to go see our local production of the Nutcracker. I've never done that and I've always wanted to. They're doing it several times, so I should be able to fit one of those show times into my schedule, but I'm sure I won't get to it.

Enough complaining on my part...I'm off to the laundry room to get started on that lovely weekly task.


Chloe said...

Thank you, Christie for your kind words. At this point, I don't care if Jethro Clampett has the drill in his hands. I don;t care if Granny is going to anesthetize me with some of her potion. I just want the headaches to stop before i die or have a stroke.

Anonymous said...

Oh Cindi you make me laugh, I have enjoyed reading your recent posts, I make it point to turn to you each evening before I stumble off to bed. Having just finished two classes and three exams and still have one more project to turn in for the third class it felt good to find out that my friend who had two snow days already is complaining about not having time to decorate or bake. I certainly don't feel guilty now:o) thanks for the smiles. Love ya, Terre

Anonymous said...

You should go see the Nutcracker! It is less than a mile from your house and Meghan is in it! I can still get you tickets!Christa