Saturday, December 15, 2007


Thank goodness the CT scan is over for another year. It was a terrible experience. The nutshell version is that two CT techs tried to get an IV started at the same time. Neither one of them took what I said into account, other than the fact that I have bad veins. Neither one of them looked me in the eye. One of them got a little upset with me when I moved my arm a little. Well, there wasn't any table or anything for my arm to lie on; it was just hanging in mid-air, and sometimes it's hard to keep it still when it's like that.

They made it sound like it was all my fault that the veins are bad and that they were being put out because of it. Oh yeah ladies, when my parents placed the order for me they put a checkmark in the box next to "bad veins."

Give me a freaking break.

After the first attempt at wiggling that puppy all around once it was in, I said "no more hand attempts" and then when they mentioned looking at my foot, I simply said, "NO." After three attempts they went to the radiologist and asked him if the IV contrast was really necessary and he said it was. Oh gee, what fun. An ER nurse finally came in and got into a vein after a few minutes, but then the vein blew. She finally got into a surface vein on the inside of my upper right arm.

What a mess.

The tech that actually did the CT scan is the same man who has done it all the other times and he's just wonderful. He's kind, compassionate, sympathetic, and looks me right in the eye. He knows I have a reaction to the IV contrast, so I had taken pills earlier, and he put the contrast into my IV really slow. That helped tremendously. He's fantastic...but the CT techs weren't. They need a little sensitivity training.

Since I know that colon cancers usually grow very slowly and my colonoscopy in June came back clear, common sense would say that everything will be fine with my CT results. HOWEVER, until I hear it from my surgeon, I'll feel like I'm just living my life in limbo.

I hate this.