Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Snow Day Musings

Last night, as we had just gotten into bed, this conversation took place:

Me: I need to make sure that I have my call list available, JUST IN CASE.

Ted: Why? Is it supposed to snow?

Me: You're kidding, right?

Ted: What do you mean, I'm kidding? Is it supposed to snow or not?

Me: Didn't we have the 6:00 news on earlier this evening? And did they NOT talk about the snow that's coming??

Ted: I don't know. I wasn't paying any attention.


Ted: Well, I have a little problem then.

Me (starting to wonder what the problem could possibly be): And what's that?

Ted: I haven't put the snow blade on the lawn mower yet.

Me: Then I guess you'll be pulling an all-nighter, won't you?

Ted: Real funny.

Me: How long will it take to do that?

Ted: Maybe around 3 hours or so. (Of course last year it took a couple weekends because that was the first time he'd done it. I sort of thought that it might only take a half hour or so, but I don't do anything with the mower, so I really wouldn't know.)

Me: Well if you get started right away you may be back in bed by 2 a.m.

Ted: Good night.

Now how in the world he had NO CLUE that snow was on its way is beyond me. Not only did he and I discuss it, but Joey and Alex and I discussed it too, and right in front of Ted.

So at 5:24 a.m. I was in the recliner, sleeping when the phone rang to deliver the news of NO SCHOOL today and Ted jumped up out of bed to look outside. That was all he needed. At that time there was just a little bit of snow, and you could still see the grass, but the little tiny flakes were coming down pretty fast. He was, of course, whimpering around about schools calling off when they really don't need to. You know, that sort of jealous chit chat that someone who is married to a teacher feels obligated to do whenever there's a snow day, hahaha!

I was trying to make the morning smooth, so I went ahead and got up and came out to the den to turn on the TV and check on other local school districts. Once I found out that Alex didn't have school either, I told him about that and was glad he could turn off his alarm. Around 6:50 a.m. I went back into the bedroom and settled into the recliner with my blankets heard Ted leave for work.

As all of these ambitious thoughts ran through my head, I quickly dozed off, and slept until after 10! In fact, Ted came home to change his pants because his had gotten all wet at the job he was at, and before he could even say a word, I said, "Yes, I'm still lying here in the chair, not dressed yet, and I just woke up." He quickly changed and left.

Shortly after that, Alex decided that he wanted a big breakfast and offered to make breakfast for me too. I turned on the TV, and by this time it was almost 11, and time for "The View," one of my favorite daytime shows. A little while later, Alex came in with a plate of scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, and toast! He brought in a napkin and a fork too! I already had a bottle of water, so I was set. What a kid!

After the wonderful breakfast that he fixed, we just sort of laid around and talked and I didn't get dressed until after 1:00. Then we went to the local meat market, and then to Wal*Mart. I really don't like Wal*Mart at all, so Alex went in for me, bless his heart. We just got home and basically, all is right with the world.

However...since I'm off today, I sort of feel obligated to cook tonight, sigh. I was thinking about making chili, but I don't have any green peppers and I'm not going back out, so we might end up having pork chops.

Yep, gotta love those snow days.