Monday, December 10, 2007

Email Issues

Since I had no school on Friday, I decided it was time to wrap up the holiday shopping and try to figure out what was wrong with my email account with my ISP. We have Time Warner as our ISP, and our email is

I had been having trouble getting into our account because our password wouldn't work. We had it set so that the password wasn't needed, but it kept coming up. I put it in, but nothing worked. I called Time Warner. Gotta love this big corporations that are SO customer friendly.

"Your wait will be between 54 minutes and an hour and 20 minutes."

And if you think I'm going to sit here on "hold" all that time, you've got another thing coming!

Then they said that I could give a call back number and they would call me when I was next in line, so I did, and....IT WORKED!

How's that for a shock!?!?

Well they were able to give me a new password, then I had to go back in and change it to my original password, so that Ted wouldn't forget it. Okay, that was great....worked out just fine.

I continued to shop online, and checked my email periodically, but never received any. Hmmm, how weird is that? First of all, not to get any email, and secondly, not to even get an email "receipt" from the orders I was placing.

And I hadn't received a single email for over 48 hours...interesting.

So I called Time Warner. Again. And left a call back number. Again. And they called me back. Again.

The first woman really did try to help me. She even had some guy come over to try. She said that there wasn't any new email there. I told her that there should be. She decided that this was beyond their realm of expertise and was going to transfer my call to "Tier 2" whatever that meant.

I was connected with a pretty email knowledgeable guy who was finally able to help me. This is what he told me to do:

(Didn't think you were going to get an email lesson today, did you? hahaha)

He had me go in through webmail on's website.

Then he had me click on "Settings" and then click on "Preferences."

He asked me what was in the box next to "From Name" and I told was some goofy name that I didn't know of.

He had me delete that name and leave it blank.

Then he had me click "ok" and then click on "Signature" and wow, did I have a shock!

In the box for "Signature" was some long name/address thing that started off with "Toyota" and ended with "U.K."

He had me delete all that.

Then I had to click "ok" and then click on "Forwarding" and there was another shock!

There was an email address in there that said something about investing. Apparently ALL the email I was SUPPOSED to be getting was being forwarded to that email address!

This is when I got really concerned because I'd been ordering all this stuff and using credit cards and I wasn't sure if the credit card numbers would show up on the receipts that would have been emailed to me.

The T.W. guy told me to check my credit card accounts online and I've been doing that since this happened, but nothing out of the ordinary has shown up. Yet.

The guy said that our email account had been hacked into! I was LIVID! I started asking questions then. Apparently this happens pretty often. He told me to continue to watch the email account and check on it in the "Settings" occasionally.

He was extremely helpful, and that was a shock in and of itself.

Since Friday evening, I've checked it 9 times, and it was hacked into again 3 or 4 times. As of right now, it's been almost 24 hours since they've done anymore "hacking" so we may be onto something.

I feel like we've been violated and it makes me really mad. Now I have to check not only my email account, but I have to keep tabs on my credit card accounts too.

Those freaking idiots.

I really want to say something else about them, but I vowed that I would try to keep this blog void of really nasty language, and so far I have.

But I'm ticked off about this.