Saturday, December 29, 2007

My New Camera

Paulie left a comment and asked what kind of a camera I got. Before I tell you, let me say that I do NOT put a fortune into digital cameras. Since I don't make my living from photography, I don't feel as though it's necessary for me to get the top of the line camera.

My first digital camera was an HP. Before I got it, I had decided that I would get an HP because I have an HP desktop computer and an HP printer/scanner/copier and I wanted everything to definitely be compatible.

I just happened to be in Sam's Club the day I bought it and as I turned a corner, an employee was arranging a display of HP digital cameras. I looked at the camera, and saw that a memory card came with it, along with a case. This was in mid June and we were getting ready to leave on vacation in a few days, so I was thinking that it would probably be a good idea to go ahead and get it now. It was a little less than a hundred dollars (I can't recall exactly) and the employee commented that it had been $199 at Easter and they wanted to get rid of what they had left to make room for the new models. Okay, so I'm a sucker...I bought it. I wish I could remember what year that was, but I can't.

I used it a LOT, especially why we were building the house. I took over 500 pictures of the building process, and we still look at those pictures quite often. A week and a half before we moved in, I had major surgery to have my colostomy reversed. It didn't go as smoothly as expected and I ended up spending 4 days in ICU. However, after I got home, I still had to work on packing and only had a few days. I wasn't feeling great and had a belly full of staples (62 to be exact). Our new furniture was delivered, as were our appliances. I constantly had the camera with me, and was looking at some pictures on it while I was doing some laundry in the new laundry room with my new washer.

We had gotten one of those big front loading washers that was powerful when it spun out. So powerful in fact...that my HP digital camera that I had placed on top of the washer while I left the room momentarily, scooted right across the top of the washer and hit the tile floor and broke. THAT WAS TOTALLY MY FAULT. AND I ADMIT IT.

But we certainly couldn't move into our new home without pictures of the actual process! So off I went to get a new camera. I didn't want to spend much money because this was just going to be a "transition" camera until I got a new digital. I decided to go with a Canon 35 mm. I was totally influenced by the price, and that was about it.

The day we actually moved in, I was so sick and miserable from having done way too much for the previous few days, that I spent most of the day curled up on a chair, covered with blankets and coats. I ended up taking very few pictures. Several days later, I threw caution to the wind, and bought another HP digital. It used the same USB cable as the one that went sailing off the washer, so that was a plus. And I still had the same HP desktop and printer, so that also made things easy.

After Pepina's little trick the other day, I really did look at other cameras online. There are only about a gazillion brands, each with a hundred models. I was NOT going to research all of them, so narrowed it down by just sticking with what I know....HP. I looked at a few different models, all under $200. I decided on 2 or 3, then went off to the store because I didn't want to buy one online. I needed it quickly. Immediately, in fact. Just because.

Unfortunately they were out of the two models I was interested in, so I just said, "Okay, what DO you have in HP?" She showed me one, and I said I'd take it. Pretty simple. It took all of about 5 minutes for the entire episode.

So I have a simple HP mz67v and it's working out just fine for me. Heck, I didn't even research that one online, but I'm happy with it so far, and that's all that counts.


Paulie said...

I am not familiar with HP cameras but it looks good -- is that a zoom lens I see? My Ol d Olympus has a zoom lens and I love it! I haven't found a better one I like. They are all these slim cheap things. One day, I will replace my camera -- after all it is almost 6 years old! BUT it will be an Olympus. side note -- I built HP computer printers for two years!