Saturday, December 8, 2007


Ted and Alex are both "into" guitars, as I've said before. When you think about it, all the music that we hear comes from THIRTEEN simple notes. Isn't that amazing??

Since I'm a visual person, it's much easier to think about a keyboard. If you start at "C" and play each note to "B" you've played thirteen notes, including all the sharps and flats.

All the music that you have on your ipod, or on a CD, or on an old album, or on a cassette, or even on an 8-track tape, consists of only thirteen different notes.


Of course, the octave can be different. As can the rhythm, and the tempo. But everything from the latest rap stuff to the most classical piece, has that one thing in common...the same notes.

I suppose that's why there will never be a shortage of music writers.

Just felt the need to get in touch with my philosophical side today.