Friday, August 22, 2008

One Week Down

It's been a busy week here and I am definitely ready for a break! A day filled with meetings, a work day, Open House, an inservice day, and two school days with students. And the best part tears! (at least on my part. yet.)

Usually I can't sleep the night before our first staff day, but this year I slept just fine. In fact, I slept pretty well most nights this week, with just a little help from Tylenol PM. Now that I'm getting into the groove, it shouldn't be too bad. We only have 180 more days to go until summer vacation, whew!

Joey starts classes next Monday, and he's just as thrilled as he can possibly be. NOT. But the end of his classwork is in sight. This will be his last year, we hope. He's 1 semester hour short of senior status, and he's hoping that when the spring schedule comes out, it will have all the classes he needs to finish up. Then it will be time to take that college degree and head out to the real world! What a scary thought....yikes!

Alex also starts next Monday, as a hot-shot senior in high school. He's been thinking about college, but doesn't really know what he wants to major in. He will more than likely start off at our local campus of a major university. If he wants to go away to college after that, then that's fine. As long as it isn't too far from home. And has decided on a major. He's sort of beginning to lean toward one direction, but he's just not sure yet.

I normally do not like to shop. I never have. I know, I's totally against the grain for a female to not enjoy shopping, but I just don't.

HOWEVER, when it comes to school supplies, I can ram my cart down the Target or Wal*Mart aisles with the best of them! I have a small room in our basement dedicated to school supplies... if I need something or the kids need something, they can just go down there and look for it, because chances are, I've got it.

Even though it's only August 22, I consider it to be fall, just because school has begun. I complain about it, but then once I'm settled in, it's okay.

Enough rambling about school stuff, at least for now. Time to have a chat with my housekeeper, my laundress, and my cook to see how the weekend is shaping up.

(That would be ME, in case you haven't figured it out yet.)


Jen said...

I love shopping for school supplies too. We always have tons of spiral notebooks because they are always on such good sales!

ya ya's mom said... shopping is the best! i'm off to office depot today for 1 cent folders...can't beat the deals! thanks for visiting my blog!

Paulie said...

I kinda miss teaching but not waking up and having a schedule.