Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Oddest Thing

I saw the oddest thing this morning. Since I've committed to this "hair" thing, I realize that I have to be consistent about having it trimmed and colored. This morning I had an appointment to have that done in the next town over. Our towns are so close that the only way you know you've left one and have entered the other is by seeing the sign. I swear there's a Burger King that's half in our town and half in the next town.

Because we live at the far end of our town and I was going to the middle of the next town, it was easier for me to use the interstate. I was in the right hand lane (which for those of you who know me in real life is a shock, I realize!) and a car was quickly approaching on my left, getting ready to pass me.

I glanced over and then did a double take. The driver was on the RIGHT side! The dashboard and steering wheel were on the right side, so I know it wasn't someone just being goofy. There was only one person in the car too. He had his window down, so I could see right in.

After he passed me, I really looked at the car. It was a Honda, but looked like an older model. Then I began to wonder...did this guy come from one of those countries where the steering wheel is on the right and he's re-located with his car here? Or was this a project that he decided to undertake?

How strange...it must take a lot of getting used to, having to figure out how to pull into parking places, how to parallel park, stuff like that. How on earth do you manage going through a drive-thru??

Anyway, I just thought it was pretty odd to see that.


Terre said...

Cindi, have you noticed the mail trucks? At least in our area they are all on the right so they can reach the mailboxes. But then again there are a lot folks like us who if stationed in England consider bringing back a British car (if we had had the money we would have brought back one of the three wheeled cars they have). I can tell you the secret of driving it though in the states, it is the same as when we drove American vehicles in England you keep telling yourself...steering wheel to the curb :o)I'm sending you a funny video clip you will laugh your butt off.

Jen said...

That's an interesting sight! I've only seen a couple of those before.

Paulie said...

One more thing I don't have to worry about since I never learned to drive.