Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Personal Note to "Old Friend" Commenter

Thank you so much for commenting here...I really appreciate it!

The first time you commented, I had about 10 different people running through my mind as to who you could be. I asked Ted if he had any thoughts. You know him..."I don't know." Each time you commented, I narrowed down the list. Just a few days ago I mentioned it again to Ted. When I told him that it was either "Person A" or "Person B" he again said, "I don't know." (He's such a big help when it comes to things like this.)

Of course YOU know that I can't just let things go, hahaha. Of course my investigative side jumped into this way back when, after your first comment. I have statistical information about readers who view my blog and that was a HUGE help, even though where someone connects to the internet through, is not always where they live.

Anyway, I do appreciate your comments and I hope you keep them up!

P.S. You're right about the Browns...they may turn out okay this year. The boys (Joe, Alex, and Ted) wanted me to get them tickets for a game, but we have to be selective about which game because of when it's played. They don't want to go up for a Monday night or Sunday night game because of work/school the next day. Ted doesn't want to go up for a 4:15 game on a Sunday because he hates driving in unfamiliar areas after dark (who doesn't?), so that leaves the four Sunday 1:00 games. Three of those games are Nov. 23 or later, and you know how cold it can be in a Cleveland Stadium at that time of the's hit or miss. It could be a balmy 2 degrees above zero OR it could be 68! They don't really want to take a chance. So that just leaves an early November game...and it's against the Baltimore Ravens. Do we really want to get into the whole Ravens thing??? I don't think so. And the NFL can change the start time of any game, making a 1:00 game into a 4:15 game, and that wouldn't work out. Anyway, it's doubtful that they'll be going this year. They have ONE game on the NFL Network this season, so that's the only one we probably won't be able to see. We really don't want to switch from cable to least not yet. If half of the games were on the NFL network and half of the OSU games were only shown on the Big Ten Channel, then we'd probably switch, but until then we're sticking with cable.

Thanks again for commenting, and give that spouse of yours a big hug from us!


Anonymous said...

Da Browns will rule this year! Can't BELIEVE it took you this long to "out" me! LOL!! And yes,,,I gave my little Texas Hottie a hug for you all, Oooops, I mean yoose guys!! Lest I get accused of NOT being a LOYAL Son of Ohio. LOL!! Miss you guys.

Old Friend