Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's That Time Again

A friend of mine has started a blog. I'd include the link, but I didn't ask her for permission, and I don't like to do those things without getting the author's approval. Anyway, she's also a teacher and had a wonderful comment about the school year starting.

It's like she was writing it just for me to read.

I've been complaining a little (yes, me) about having to start school so early. We start on Monday, but kids don't come until Thursday. It seems as though the summer has flown by and I haven't yet completed everything on my list. Besides, the weather has been a little cool for the last week or so and next week (naturally) it's supposed to warm up again. And where will I be??? IN SCHOOL

Kelli said that she's excited about starting a new school year. Then she mentioned that it's always a new beginning. The kids (and teachers) have new crayons, new markers, new folders, new this, new that....she's right. It IS a new beginning.

As much as I complain about things at the very beginning of the year, I'm always glad to start the year off. The worst part is getting up early and getting out of the house on time. I tend to struggle with that for the first few weeks.

I really do love what I do, but like so many people, need a kick in the behind to get started. Kelli gave me that. Sensing her excitement, I felt more motivated than I have in quite a while.

One year, a very long time ago, Ted had gotten up early on a Sunday morning. The next day was our first day of school. He came back upstairs and saw that I was sort of awake and said, "Just stay in bed. You don't need to get up for anything. Just sleep in, know." Bless his heart. He really did understand.

Of course this is the same man who would make a ton of noise when he got up and knew that we had a snow day. "What are you going to DO all day???" I would simply reply...."nothing, absolutely nothing." He eventually quit asking, hahaha.

The plan is to be more organized this year (quit laughing). I'll have all my clothes for the week ready to go by Sunday evening, and lined up in my closet in the proper order of the days I will be wearing them. (I told you to stop laughing at me.) I'll also make up a weekly dinner menu on the weekend, so that I know what I will be fixing for dinner and can make sure that I have everything I need (If you're not going to quit laughing, then just stop reading.) I'm even thinking about making a master list of major chores that need to be done around here, and assigning them a day, so that it's not overwhelming on the weekends. Or I could hire a cleaning lady. (That's enough. No more.)

But (and this is a secret) I really am starting to get a wee little bit excited about Monday morning, thanks to Kelli.


Paulie said...

Best of everything as you begin a new school year.

I wish I was going back to teach -- I retired way too soon. If I had gotten a good job that I liked, I would never have retired. . . Actually, I had one teaching Kindergarten in a brand new Lutheran school but the next year, they wanted me to be the principal also and I wasn't qualified and refused. Sometimes, life is not fair.

PS I only laughed a little . . . I mean the whole way through it but I blame you and the power of suggestion. Ü

Going to see what other posts I might have missed. I am finally back blogging again.

Paulie said...

Ok I left comments on all the ones I hadn't been to lately. Once again, I sure do love your background!

Jen said...

It sounds like you are well on your way to being perfectly organized! It sounds great.