Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Nerve

I'm going off on a tangent without even thinking about it. I usually think a little about what I'm going to write about before I put my fingers on the keyboard, but this time??? I'M NOT!

After checking our email and seeing a message from Time Warner Cable about going paperless, I just flipped my lid.

Am I the only person out there who thinks these companies have NERVE asking us to go green and therefore paperless?? How many bills do you receive in the mail with all kinds of other CRAP in them?

If I happened to purchase something at Kohls, or Elder Beerman, or Penneys, or I've used my Visa card and get a bill in the mail, it's NEVER just the bill itself. OH NO...they also include advertisements for something. Even the utility companies are doing it. Some of them add so much JUNK to their bill that I'm surprised that they don't have to include additional postage!

And now they have the guts to suggest to us that we go paperless??


When all my bills begin coming in an envelope with nothing but the bill and a return envelope inside, then we can talk. Until then...forget it!


edbteach said...


Jen said...

Oh, I totally agree with that! I just don't trust the paperless thing yet either.

Paulie said...

lol before I saw the other comments I was just going to say AMEN! GMTA