Monday, August 18, 2008


I never win ANYTHING.

I quit playing the lottery, both the instant tickets and the lotto, because I never win anything.

I buy tickets for all kinds of raffles, yet I've never won a thing.

Heck, even when I would play games with the kids at school once in a great while, I never win.

I feel like Charlie Brown sometimes. Heck, there could be a drawing for 99 prizes and only 100 entries...without a doubt, I'd be the only one to not win.

HOWEVER, today that all changed!

At our opening day meeting, the entire district met at our high school. We have a gorgeous high school that's only about 8 years old and there's plenty of parking (a bonus in and of itself!). For the past few years, someone has contacted a few local restaurants and asked them to donate $25 gift certificates for a raffle. We also have eight large tables in the auditeria and they each have a centerpiece for the opening meeting.

As we walk in to the auditeria, we're given a ticket. The superintendent's secretary makes sure that everyone gets a ticket. At the end of the meeting, tickets are drawn for the restaurant gift certificates and the centerpieces.

And my luck has now forever changed.


It's a mug with a school district emblem on it, and it has floral sponge (or whatever it's called) with live flowers. It's just the right size for my desk, which is where it is sitting right now.

When the superintendent called out my number, I just yelled "YES!" and put my arms in the air. Some people don't think it's a big deal to win a centerpiece, but I sure do! I was one of the last ones out of the auditeria (a few of us had a short meeting after the "big" meeting), and there was a centerpiece still sitting there. No one had claimed it. That made me win something and then don't take it?? How rude and disrespectful is that?

Anyway, I'm a life long loser NO MORE!!



edbteach said...

ooo ... I hope we have door prized tomorrow. Tomorrow is our first day back and we too meet at the high school auditorium! (The entire school district!) Alas, there is not enough parking at our high school.

Jen said...

Hooray! Remember, I just got all excited about winning a cupcake!

Paulie said...

I love winning things and have gotten a few things in my life but nothing I can remember clearly. It was important at the time tho. . . Ü

Better than things you win at a lottery is friends who take you camping and hiking in the late summer and snowshoeing in winter. For that, I feel like a winner too.

I am glad you enjoyed the flowers and mug. You should have gone up and taken the prize left behind. I am surprised that they didn't hand them out as number was drawn.