Friday, May 1, 2009

It Doesn't Make Sense

On Monday this past week, Alex stopped at the post office to send an application for a local scholarship. It was a heavy envelope, as it required about 7 or 8 pages and a picture. It cost 59 cents to mail this envelope.

The envelope was going from the counter at the post office to a city about 53 miles away.

There it would be sorted by destination.

After the sorting, the envelope would then travel back here to our town.

The application would then be placed in a post office box, approximately 15 feet from the counter where the procedure began.

And we wonder why postage is going up on May 11.

Too bad there isn't a slot in the front of the post office box so Alex could have just slid it in.


mdx3mom said...

Efficiency at its best!

PERBS said...

Definitely weird!

Thanks for droppibng by and leaving so many comments. I am also glad to see you blogging again! My photos are all old ones sicne I can't find my receipt for my camera I bought in December so can't get it fixed on warranty and don't have enough saved for a new camera yet. Kathy/WA mailed me her old camera to borrow for a bit but I ahve nothing to download it with so no new photos for awhile even tho I ahve been able to take photos the last three days.

theArthurClan said...

Such a waste of time, energy and resources. Good grief!