Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's So Nice To Be Appreciated!

This past week has been Teacher Appreciation Week. In our building, it's actually Staff Appreciation Week because we all know that a school absolutely can NOT be run without each and every member of the staff doing their part.

And of course, when you deal with a bunch of people, the best way to show them that they are appreciated is to .... FEED THEM!

We were treated to so much food this past week!

On Monday, we had two trays of homemade cookies in the lounge. Although there was no note attached, I think they were from our principal and secretary. Our classroom is next to the lounge and we heard the door opening and closing all morning long, so the cookies were a definite hit.

On Tuesday our teachers' union provided quite an assortment of doughnuts from a great local donut shop, in addition to a huge fruit tray AND dip, along with orange juice. YUMMY! Our central office also sent over 15, yes, that's FIFTEEN, pizzas for lunch! They were from a local family owned pizza and spaghetti shop, and the pizza was excellent, as usual.

Wednesday, our PTO put on a fabulous lunch for us! Several weeks ago we were given a survey in which we had to check off our three favorite toppings to put on a baked potato. From that, we sort of figured they would be having a baked potato bar for us. Great idea!

HOWEVER, there was much more to it! Even though the main theme was potatoes, the secondary theme was "keeping it green." The luncheon was catered by a nearby restaurant and they reinforced the green theme by using some edible plates. We had deep fried dough type bowls that they put our salad in. We had our choice of ranch dressing or italian. (I chose italian.) Then they had bread bowls for the soup. They had broccoli cheese and tortilla soup. (I chose broccoli cheese.) I've never had a bread bowl before. I always thought that the bowl would become really soggy.

It didn't! It was actually wonderful!

Then they had baked potatoes for us, with a whole bunch of toppings. I chose butter, cheese and bacon bits. They also had pop and water for us, along with cookies and brownies.

We had our lunch in the music and art room, so we had plenty of space. Our lounge only holds about 10 people comfortably, so not everyone eats in there (I'm one of them), but we were able to all be in the music/art room with lots of room to spare. At our seats we found a reusable shopping bag, a "going green" magnet, and a sheet with different ideas about going green.

The PTO also had about 10 door prizes that we could register for. We each got to register for two specific prizes. I didn't win anything, but that's okay, the luncheon was gift enough.

Although Friday's celebration didn't involve Teacher Appreciation Week, we did have a very nice lunch. We've had a student teacher since January and yesterday was her last day. Her cooperating teacher had a lunch in her honor. We again had pizza (yum!), salad, Amish casserole, and hoho cake.

Like I said, school staff members love being fed, and this was a great week for it. We have a wonderful staff in our building and we are so fortunate that others thought of us so much this past week.


Jen said...

Yum! It sounds delicious. We got fed at our teacher appreciation week too, but not nearly so well.

theArthurClan said...

Oh wow! It sounds like your district outdid themselves to make your week a special one.

edbteach said...

Sounds like y'all had a great week!

Our paras made lunch for us one day and PTA provided pizza and salad for us one day.

PERBS said...

Wspecially nice that you didn't have to worry about food that week! Sounds very yummy! I like the going green part too.

Come by and see my blue tulip.

docgrumbles said...

that all sounds so great!