Monday, May 11, 2009

I Need Your Help

Years ago, when my Grandma was trying to downsize her belongings, she told me that she was going to throw out a box of old photos. I begged her not to, so she told me to take them. Every few years I look at them and wonder about them.

There are a few of them that have me SOOOOOOOO curious. Like this one...

Check out all these people in this river or lagoon. Why were so many people gathered there? Was it a really hot day? Was it a holiday, like the 4th of July, or Memorial Day, or Labor Day? Were they there to celebrate another occasion? Obviously the water isn't that deep, but if you look at the top of the photo, there's someone in the tree, possibly getting ready to jump in! Don't jump! Don't you realize that you could break your neck?? Check out the bathing suits and bathing caps.

Now look at this one. These people are obvioulsy having a good time.

Now for the I know absolutely nothing about old cars, but I would love to know the year of these models. That would help me date these photos.

So here is where I need YOUR help.

The photos say "Wallace Beach." I have searched and searched for a Wallace Beach, both online and in my Grandma's things and have found nothing. I was thinking that perhaps it was in either northeast Ohio or western Pennsylvania, but I don't know for sure.

I want to know if Wallace Beach is familiar to anyone out there.

I also would love to know if anyone could give an approximate date as to when these photos might have been taken, based on the fashion or the vehicles.

So, my dear blog readers, I was hoping that you could help me...I was hoping that perhaps you could possibly post a tiny, short, little blurb on your blog about this posting?

The more people that see this, the more likely that I may get answers to my questions.

If you mention this posting on your own blog, I would be SO grateful!

Thank you so very much!


PERBS said...

Looks like they were having fun. It could be a place tht doesn't exist any longer -- we have such a beach in this are -- actually in Portland, OR. The floods of the Columbia River "took out" the amusement park they had at the beach where people spent a lot of time. The only reason I know about them is that a shopping center that remains near there has photos all over the walls and it gave me the impetus to look it up at the library.

I don't live by either of those states but I will post a blurb on my blog to have people come by to see if they know anything.

Thanks for visiting at my site today -- I enjoyed all your comments.

Alexa said...

I think the car in the foreground, next to the gentleman in all white is a Ford Model A Tudor. They were made from approx. 1929 - 1931. The very rectangular back window, spare tire, license plate on the left, and peculiar bumpers are what make me think it is a Ford Model A.

The other cars all look like they are from the same time frame. Cars began to get very curvy (and a lot less boxy) starting in the mid-1930s and I can't see any in the picture.

Hope this helps narrow your search!

PERBS said...

Maybe it is not a place at all -- maybe it is someone she knew named Wallace at the beach?

mdx3mom said...

Wow what a treasure you have. I would have to agree definately the 20s. Did you happen to ask your grandmother if she remembers where they were. A gathering like that had to be a memorable one.

Good Luck.

Katney said...

The cars greatly resemble those in my Dad's photo album in pictures dated up through 1928.

Terre said...

Okay Cindi your LMS friend found you some information. the key is Chagrin Falls... go to this site to read about it:
Here is some of what you will learn-A popular swimming and recreation area in the 1930's and 1940's was located along the Aurora branch of the Chagrin River by River Road in Bentleyville. It was known as Wallace Beach and named after the mayor of Bentleyville, Bill Wallace.
I may be in another state but I'm still alive and kicking LOL Ter

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Chagrin river location.Was there with my parents in early 1940s.Have pictures that look similar to the one posted.Great place to picnic and swim.Was probably near the South Chagrin reservation.If I find more information I will post.