Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14

I have so many questions when I look at this picture. I wonder where she was when this was taken? Are those her things on the wagon? If they are, where was she going? Was she off to start a new life somewhere? And I wonder what she has packed in there? She looks happy, so whatever is going on, it must be a good thing.

Okay girls, what's so funny? Let us in on the joke. That gal on the left is sure having a good laugh over something. I wonder if they had been friends since they were little? Maybe even sisters? or cousins? They look like they know how to have a good time!

Somebody sure is having a good time with the laundry. Oops, it looks like someone's undies are drying in the breeze! Maybe she was cold and that's why she wrapped herself up in what was hanging on the line. Or maybe she was just being silly. I can't tell if this was taken in the spring or the fall, but I don't think it was taken during the summer because there aren't a lot of leaves on the tree branches in the background.

What a beautiful, elegant lady! I have a feeling that this might have been an engagement picture. She looks a little formal here, but you can still see the twinkle in her eye. I wonder if she married a wonderful man? (she did)

I wonder if she had any children? (yep...three)

I wonder if she was one of the most generous women the world has ever seen, giving her time, her love, and her energy to every person and cause she met? (most definitely!)

I wonder if she had grandchildren? (five)

I wonder if she ever took her oldest granddaughter to 6 am mass on a Sunday? (oh yeah...and it was in LATIN!)

I wonder if she ever sent her oldest granddaughter out of the kitchen while she was making homemade pasta? (never once)

I wonder if she let that little girl help, even though it meant that the whole process was going to take twice as long? (she let that little girl help EVERY SINGLE TIME she wanted to)

I wonder if she ever took anything for granted? (no way)

I wonder if she knows that she has two wonderful great grandsons? (I'm sure she does)

I wonder if she knows how much she is missed and thought of every single day?

Happy Birthday Grandma!


PERBS said...

What a nice memory and wonderful birthday present.

I am a little confused if it is your grandmother or your boys' grandma and if she is still living.

docgrumbles said...

Beautiful post!

I miss my Grandma! She lives on in JAG, whose middle name is a tribute to her, and who inherited her dark hair.