Tuesday, December 2, 2008


This past Saturday my wonderful husband spent all morning and part of the afternoon working hard. He got out and put up the outside Christmas lights. Then he took the blade off the John Deere lawn tractor and put on the snow blade. (What a way to guarantee we won't have more than a trace of snow anytime soon!)

Around 2:30 pm he came in and said he was starved. As I sat at the kitchen table going through the week's mail, my back was to the part of the kitchen where he was contemplating a late lunch. I heard him go into the pantry, then get bread out of the bread drawer. I heard the can opener whirr, then the silverware drawer being opened. I was going about my business while he was fixing his lunch. All he had to do was get the Miracle Whip (yuck) out of the refrigerator and mix it with the tuna before putting it on the bread.

I heard him open the refrigerator door, then "PEPINA! No, get OUT of there!"

I could only imagine what was happening. And I started to laugh. Loudly. Hysterically.

Finally I said, "What happened?"

"I turned away to get the Miracle Whip out and when I turned back around Pepina had her face buried in the tuna fish."

By this time I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

It's also important to note that Pepina and Marina do NOT like fish at all. They refuse to eat any canned fish food. They'll starve instead.

Then he said, "I thought she didn't eat fish."

I said, "She usually doesn't, but apparently she saw an opportunity" as I continued to laugh.

I told him that even though it wasn't her dinner time, he might as well let her eat some more, and maybe he could give some to Marina and Oliver too. He said it was TOO LATE. He'd already rinsed it all down the garbage disposal.

He kept saying that her face was down in the bowl with the tuna and she was licking all over the place.

So, in yet another moment of not knowing when to keep my mouth shut, I said, "Well you certainly didn't leave the tuna unattended while you got out the Miracle Whip, did you? You know better than that."

"I thought she didn't like fish and would leave it alone."

Poor guy...he ended up eating a salami sandwich since that was the last can of tuna fish we had on hand.

It would probably be kind of mean to say that I'm still chuckling over it.


Jen said...

Both of my dogs LOVE tuna fish. I let them split the tuna water that I pour off when making Matt's sandwiches. (I don't eat tuna, it is gross.)

PERBS said...

I like Miracle Whip -- grew up on it and can't stand mayo. lol

Poor hubby! I think it's funny that he didn't treat them by giving it to them and put it in the garbage disposal instead. hehehehehe

I also think it is wonderful that HE knows how to make his own sandwich.

Stacia said...

LOL. I bet he learned his lesson. ;-)
I have to say, she is one pretty cat. I love her coloring. :-)

The Arthur Clan said...

Your poor hubby! I would have been laughing right along with you though. :)