Friday, December 12, 2008

College Application

I guess this is real. My 18 year old is going to go to college next year.

He's taking the ACT again tomorrow. He wants a higher score so he will be eligible for more money from the college. This will be his third attempt. The results will be sent to the college in a couple of weeks.

He has three letters of recommendation from a teacher, his summer boss, and the president of the Italian American Festival Foundation, for which he's been an active volunteer for the last four years.

He's given his high school guidance counselor the paperwork she needs to fill out and send to the college. She said it will be taken care of in the next week.

He's written his personal statement that they want included with the application.

All that's really left is for him to fill out the actual application and mail it in, along with a current photograph (thank goodness for senior portraits), the letters of recommendation, and the personal statement.

And then....we will wait.

They told us that it will take about three weeks for the application to be processed and a decision to be made.

I wish that there was a place on the application to let them know that the applicant's mother is NOT a patient person.


Kristie said...

But where's the place on the application to let them know that the mother isn't going to allow the child to leave home ... ever. :)))

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.... just passing it back, and passing it on. Have a great weekend!

The Arthur Clan said...

This is such an exciting time for him (and you), but I'll bet it's overwhelming as well. Sounds like so much to get accomplished in very little time.

Best wishes with finishing up all the little details!

Stacia said...

Will he be going far away to college? I can't imagine that time in life although my oldest will be a senior next year so it's right around the corner!
How are you dealing with it all?

PERBS said...

My kids are long past that stage and I survived. You will too!