Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Favorite Christmas Gift

When I was a little girl, I was an only child...until my brother was born when I was four and a half. THAT was an eye opening experience.

I was no longer an only child.

I was no longer the only grandchild on my mom's side.

My parents were going to have to actually spend TIME with....with...with....that thing they brought home from the hospital. And that would take time away from ME. And as we all know, when you're a pre-schooler, the world revolves around YOU...or at least it did it my case.

Thank goodness I have intelligent parents. They realized that I needed attention from them, and I just didn't seem to be getting my fair share.

One fall Saturday my mom informed me that she, my dad, and I would be going out. Just the three of us...NO LITTLE BROTHER. Hip hip hooray!!!!!!!!!

We dropped my brother off at my grandparents' place and started our evening. We went to a local restaurant that was owned by good friends of the family. I don't believe the restaurant is still in existence, but I could be wrong. We moved from the area a few years later due to my dad's promotion and transfer.

Anyway, I still recall what I ordered...I had fried chicken. Not only did we know the owners of the place, but we also knew people on the staff. One of the employees brought me over a small bag of Salem potato chips while our food was being prepared. (I can't believe some of the details I remember so clearly!) The bag had two simply drawn faces and was turquoise blue, black, and white. As usual, I'm getting totally off topic here, but that's me.

After dinner we went to a place in Akron to see a movie. This was the first time I'd ever been to a movie theater and I was totally mesmerized. What did we see, you may be wondering?

Mary Poppins!

I was in absolute awe of seeing something like this on such a huge screen and of course, just fell in love with the character of Mary Poppins. I loved the songs! I loved the accents! I loved the characters! I loved the dancing! I just fell in love with everything about the movie.

What a wonderful night!

Several months later the Christmas season was in full swing. I can't recall what I asked Santa for that year, but I definitely remember one gift I received. I didn't even know anything like this existed, so it hadn't been on my list.

I got a Mary Poppins doll and I was absolutely THRILLED! She had a carpet bag, the blue coat, the hat with the flowers, the pinafore dress that she wore while she was working, and she also came with the white dress and the hat that she wore during the time she and the children were in the chalk drawing with Bert. Mary's dark hair was pulled back into a bun.

Oh, how I loved that Mary Poppins doll! That was my favorite gift that Christmas. I took her with me everywhere! I always wanted to play with her. She was so special.

Of course, I grew up...and dolls went by the wayside, to be replaced with games, books, records (the predecessor to CDs), clothes, purses, etc. When I thought about my Mary Poppins doll again, as a college student, I went on a trek through my parents' basement to locate her. I spent several days down there, searching high and low, but all to no avail. MIA.

I looked on ebay, trying to find one just like her. That's when I discovered that there were several types of Mary Poppins dolls manufactured way back then, but I had the deluxe model! I was such a fortunate child! I decided that I do NOT one from ebay....if I can't have my original, I don't want any other.

Yes, that Mary Poppins doll was one of my most favorite Christmas gifts ever!


The Arthur Clan said...

You have an amazing memory! And what a wonderful present for a little girl to receive...your parents were very thoughtful.

PERBS said...

Neat memory!

My first doll was a Baby Blue Eyes and we got them through the mail for $2.98 which was a lot way back when. . . her eyes opened and shut and she had curly hair. It didn't talk or anything that distracted one from using their imagination. Somewhere I have a photo of my twin and I with our dolls standing by Dad's truck.