Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another Christmas Past

Back in 1965 a movie had come out. One of the stars was Julie Andrews and I wanted to see it SO badly! She had been in Mary Poppins the year before and my parents took me to see it. My best friend, Mary, lived across the road from us at the time (yes, you call it a road, not a street, when you live out in the country like we did!) and we talked about Mary Poppins and this new movie, The Sound of Music.

Seeing a movie back at that time, was a HUGE deal for young children, and even though it came out in March of 1965, by the time Christmas rolled around, neither of us had seen it yet.

The day after Christmas Mary and I would always go to each other's houses and look at the gifts Santa brought us. Then we'd play with the games and toys and have so much fun.

Each family has different traditions that they follow, and one in our family was that we didn't get things in our Christmas stockings. The stockings were for decoration only. Other people got gifts in their stockings, but I really didn't think a lot of it.

Until that year.

Mary got tickets to see The Sound of Music in her stocking.

I got nothing.

We were seven years old, and still had a lot of faith in the guy in the big red suit. I spent days trying to figure out why Mary got tickets and I didn't. All I could come up with was that she was a better behaved little girl than I was. I was so jealous. I think that's when I first realized what jealousy was.

I recall crying over this for quite a while, but like most young children, I got eventually got over it.

But I never saw The Sound of Music until 1987, after Ted and I were married and Joe was born. It was on TV one Friday night after we'd gotten home from Christmas shopping. Ted put Joe to bed, went to bed himself, and I stayed up and watched the movie while wrapping Christmas gifts.

The movie was everything I'd hoped it would be and more! I absolutely loved it! I think I've seen it every time it's been on television since and I have the DVD.

I have a feeling that Mary doesn't even remember this...but I do. She was sooooooooo lucky to see it as a child!


edbteach said...

My friend Matthew and I would always play together on Christmas Eve. Our parents were fine with it because it kept up from pestering them all day. They would usually let us open our gifts to each other - again to keep us busy and from bugging them!

The Arthur Clan said...

Awwww ~ what a disappointment that must have been! I'm glad that you eventually did get to see it (even though it was much, much later.)


PERBS said...

Good things are worth waiting for!