Saturday, May 3, 2008

Prom Night

Tonight is our local high school prom.

Alex is not going.

We were THISCLOSE to him going, but the potential date was someone he didn't know very well (and vice versa) and, as she said, she was very flattered that he asked her to go, but didn't feel comfortable going with someone she didn't know very well. I completely understand, so that's okay.

And I'm about to whine, so for those of you who don't like whining, you can just click out of this post right now.

I know I shouldn't complain. I have so much to be thankful for as far as our two sons are concerned. They are smart, healthy, and good looking boys, but I can't help but think about the things that I won't get to experience as a parent.

(This is the second warning for those of you who hate whiners.)

It would mean a lot to me to see either of my sons all dressed up in a tux with a girl on his arm, going off to a high school prom. This is a right of passage as far as I'm concerned. It's a social event in which the guy (my son) would have to put his best foot forward and let the world see that we have tried to raise kind, polite, and caring young men. It would be a chance for our son to experience an event that would make him see that it really doesn't hurt to get dressed up once in a while.

But Alex just isn't interested. Joey definitely wasn't interested in the least, but we held out hope for Alex, however, it's not happening right now. BUT...he's only a junior, so there's still next year.

In fact, we were at a graduation party last night and two girls (also juniors) were trying to talk to him as he and Ted were walking toward the tables. He just looked at me with a look in his eye that practically screamed, "Please help me here Mom. Get me out of this situation!"

So instead, I talked to the girls for a minute or so. They even asked him if he was going to Prom and when he said "no" they seemed to be disappointed. I asked them if they were going, and of course they said yes. I asked them if he was really shy in school, and they said that he talked to them at school and wasn't all that shy. Hmmm....maybe there really IS hope for next year.

Having two sons (for which I am extremely thankful!) there are some things that you don't get to experience. There's the whole process of getting ready for something like a prom (shopping for a dress, shoes, jewelry, etc., along with getting the hair done and makeup done) that I won't get to experience.

And when they're older and they're ready to get married, I'm sure I won't be invited by the bride to be to help her look for wedding gowns. That would be such a wonderful thing to experience. It was really driven home a few years ago when Kelly, our younger niece, was planning her wedding and she and her mom Peg, grandma, sister-in-law Patty, and other niece Holly went out looking for dresses. Holly was going to be in the wedding, and they were also looking for bridesmaids' dresses.

But they all got to see Kelly trying on dresses and I didn't...and it was just sad for me to realize that I'll NEVER be able to see someone try on wedding dresses, in hopes of finding the perfect one.

Okay, I'm done whining. I know I have so much to be grateful for, and need to just get over it. So I'll try to "grow up" and do just that.



Backpacking Dad said...

With a daughter, I can only hope that she doesn't want to go to the prom :}

NO BOYS, Erin. Go read a book. :}

Paulie said...

My daughter had nothing to do with guys. She went away to college and worked summers at Girl Scout camp and then I never heard from her again. So . . . not having a date for the prom isn't a biggie to me.

Heather said...

You never know, you seem like a sweet person, and maybe your future daughter in law would invite you to help pick out a dress, if you embrace her wholly.

Dr. Grumbles said...

There is still hope when/if they have kids.

My MIL was beyond thrilled when D's brother had a baby girl. She became a sports star tomboy, but there have been a few dress buying moments that she relished.