Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Ah yes, another occasion developed by the greeting card companies. Don't get me wrong...I love the attention and gratitude bestowed on me as we celebrate this day. However, I don't need a special day to know that I am loved and appreciated by my sons.

They let me know this all the time in subtle ways. For instance, today we went out for dinner. I saw them using their napkins properly, and not eating like pigs, and it hit me. They must have listened to me at some point in time about proper table manners and this skill can actually be used once in a while.

Both of our sons are GOOD kids. They don't drink and they don't do drugs. They have respect for themselves and for others. They will do whatever we ask them to do (but sometimes they'll put up a little fuss about it before actually doing it). They are law-abiding young men who take their privileges as citizens of our country very seriously. They both have a good work ethic and have studied hard in school. We couldn't be prouder of them.

And this is why I don't need a special day to know that they love me and appreciate all that I do for them.

For those of you who have chosen not to become mothers, I wish you a day filled with love and appreciation from those close to you...those who have been the recipient of the motherly advice and caring that you've offered to them over the years.

And for those of you wanting to become mothers in the worst way but not there yet, I continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers, hoping that your dream will come to fruition sooner rather than later.

Happy Mother's Day


Paulie said...

Happy Mother's Day to you also!

I can't remember the story of how celebrating Mothr's got started but it was not the greeting card companies. I think it was a lady who was honoring her Mom. Now I will have to google it or I won't be able to sleep.

Paulie said...

Here is the link to what I was talking about:
Mothers Day

Scroll down a few paragraphs. . . had nothng to do with card stores.

Dr. Grumbles said...

Happy Mother's Day!

DeeDee said...

It's always nice when they slip up and show us that they do listen at least every now and then isn't it??!!

In case you didn’t know, I found your blog through DadGoneMad. I've posted a complete list of everyone who left their blog link on his Big Big Stars post a while back in a post of my own in April called Blog Rolling With My Homies over on my blog, so if you want to see it come on over and sit a spell. I don't bite..…that hard anyway!

If you did know just overlook this and pretend I said something funny since my brain feels like mush from trying to comment on all 217 on the list because somebody had the bright idea to challenge me to it!!