Thursday, July 19, 2007


Yesterday I went by our church while I was running errands, and noticed that the big tent was up for the festival. I thought to myself, "Wow, they're putting that up early...the festival isn't until mid to late July!" DUH...IT'S THIS WEEKEND. Where have I been?? The summer is almost over already. It can't be! No. I'm in denial now. Seeing that tent up was a rude, and I do mean RUDE wake up call. I was still thinking it was June, sigh.

Later this morning I have an appointment with my oncologist. I get really wound up when these appointments are getting near. I only see him every 3 months now, but still I guess it's a reminder of where I've been and I'm always afraid that I'll get bad news. I'm almost 2 years out from my cancer, and that is great, but I'm not taking it for granted. I just want this appointment over and done with, and then I can relax for another 3 months or so.

We have good friends coming from Texas this weekend. We're really looking forward to seeing them, as it's been a LONG time. They were here 10 years ago (and a lot of things have changed since then!), but Ted went down to see Ron back in October of 2000. Ted doesn't like to fly, but he flew down there for a long weekend. He handled it okay...not great, but okay. Ron does NOT fly, so they will be driving, and he is more comfortable doing all the driving himself, so it will be a long trip. The last time they came, it took them 22 hours, so we'll see if being a little older changes that at all, hahaha.

We want them to stay with us while they're here. We have a pretty big basement, divided into 10 rooms (yeah, I know, that's a lot, but they all have a purpose). One of the rooms is a big bedroom, and we went down the other night and straightened it up. We hadn't done anything but store various furniture in it since we moved in, and it was time to organize it. We also needed a mattress and spring set, so I called our wonderful furniture salesman at our wonderful nearby furniture store and took care of it all over the phone! I really didn't want to go there, because chances are I would have purchased more than just a bedding set. There are a couple of other things that we need, so I would have spent a lot of time looking and a lot of money if I had shown up there. Our salesman is terrific and he was able to do it all on the phone. He knew the last bedding set we had purchased and I said I wanted the same thing. He even talked to the delivery team and although they already had a full day scheduled, he explained the situation and they fit us in. In fact, they were here at 8:10 THIS MORNING to deliver it. One of the delivery men was here the day we got all the other furniture delivered right before we moved in, and commented about that. (Again, another story for another time.)

Anyway, we're pretty much set for Ron and Nora and hope they arrive here safely sometime tomorrow. It will be so nice to see them!

My mom and dad came over Sunday to use the pool, and we could only find one water wing for mom. Somehow she survived. Getting her situated on the raft was a challenge, but we did it. My dad took it all in stride. I'm just glad that they came and enjoyed the pool.

I was up a good part of the night due to the thunder and lightning and hard rain. The storm lasted a LONG time...supposedly we're getting more storms today. We could definitely use the rain, that's for sure. We were very lucky that our power didn't go out during the night, especially since I had my alarm set to get up for the delivery people. Can you believe it? Something actually went my way!

Enough ramblings for now...I just want to get this oncology appointment OVER WITH.


Melanie said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend with Ron and Nora. I also wish you a very Happy Birthday!!
Hope we can get together soon.